Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Tips for Obtaining Search Engine Friendly, Outside Links

One of the most beneficial ways to gain a high serach engine rank is to place your website’s link onto other highly ranked websites. Here are some guidelines to observe and instructions to follow when obtaining outside links for better search engine optimization.

NOTE: These tips are exclusively geared towards obtaining outside links that search engines will index properly, and for SEO purposes. The guidelines do not account for gaining readership due to links. For example, placing your link more than once onto a domain name, might count against you for search engine indexing; But, you may have more people click those links, and gain readership that way.

1. Outside links should be in static HTML format. JavaScript does not get indexed through search engines, including RSS feeds generated by using JavaScript. If you want to use RSS feeds to market your content, you can use a server side computer language like PHP.

2. Link anchor text should contain one of your website’s Meta title tag keywords. These keywords will correspond to the relevant content that you are linking to on your website. For example, if you own a website that sells dog accessories, one example of a link might look like this:

Dog Collars for every breed

3. Outside links must come from completely different domain names. For example, if you plan on using a site like Associated Content to gain links pointing into your site, it is counter-productive to make more than one article with links to your site.

4. Each outside link should come from a website with a Google page Rank of 4 or more. To find out what a website’s page rank is, download the Google Toolbar and it will tell you whenever you browse to a new site. The Google toolbar has many benefits for website owners, marketers and developers. Find Google’s toolbar link in the resources section.

5. Myspace, Friendster and Facebook sites do not hold much water as far as outside links.
It might be beneficial to start a group, forum or blog within these sites and link only once to your site instead.

6. Write articles and submit to E-zines, but try and vary the content of each article using different keywords from your website. Using the previous example: If you have a website that sells Dog Accessories, don’t write 10 articles about your website. Instead, write different articles that concentrate on things like, “Dog Training,” “Great Gifts for Dogs,” etc. and place your link within the article for a reference using your anchor text.

7. Getting your website listed in directories is different than getting your website listed on search engines.
You may wait a year or more to hear back from directories letting you know you’ve been accepted. Some are free, and some may cost money. Best to start with the free directories, unless you have a niche group that you want to target right away and are willing to spend money on it. They are a great way to get permanent, static outside links. You can find lists of web directories to submit to online.

8. Start blogs, but don’t place your link in every nook and cranny. Make sure your link makes sense within its context, and that the reader is getting some use out of the content on your blog.

9. Surround every one of your links with useful, keyword optimized and pertinent content. Placing the link to your site, with anchor text, inside an article discussing relevant topics to your site is the best way to have search engines index your site and prioritize your specific domain name.

10. Do not pay companies to get you a ridiculous amount of outside links in a very short period of time. The only way to get quality, optimized, search engine friendly links into your site is to either hire a company to produce relevant articles and content for you or follow these steps or do it yourself. Anyone claiming differently probably owns link farms, and search engines do not regard these very highly, and could hurt your search engine credibility.

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