Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Tips for Metal Detecting at the Beach

Here are some tips to help you find more treasures while metal detecting at the beach.

Be familiar with your equipment. For most of us, we only get to metal detect at the beach a few days a year. Getting to metal detect in such a promising place is quite a treat and you need to be ready to make the most of your time.

Once you arrive at the beach (or before) contact local authorities to assure that you follow all rules. Most beaches are open to metal detecting, but some only allow detecting during ‘off’ hours.

Have extra batteries and head phones for your metal detector. An extra metal detector is great as well if you have one. If you are taking long trips from your lodging carry the batteries and head phones with you while detecting.

You should scout the beach out during the day to see the spots that are most used. The more people in a specific area, the more likely they are to lose something.

Hit the beaches with you metal detector as the tide is going out. The receding water will allow you to work newly exposed areas and increase your chances of success.

Be respectful of others. Don’t detect or dig right beside people and fill in your holes. Not bothering other people keeps them from complaining and getting beaches closed to metal detecting.

Carry a container or bag to keep the junk that you find with your metal detector and properly dispose of it.

Have a plastic shovel or scoop to dig with when metal detecting at the beach. When your metal detector indicates something, scoop up the sand and wave the scoop over the coil to determine whether or not you have picked up the object.

A plastic strainer or sifter is also a great tool for metal detecting at the beach. When you have found the scoop with the object throw it into the strainer or sifter to find the object. If the sand is really dry this will work great, wet sand will require some work. I take along a cheap spaghetti strainer for this purpose.

Areas that are frequented by fishermen will have a lot of hooks, sinkers, and lures in the sand. However they also lose coins and other interesting stuff. As a fisherman myself I like to find others stuff and use it myself!

Metal detecting can be a fun way to spend some time at the beach. If you are lucky you might even find some treasure that can pay for the whole vacation!

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