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10 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Active During Fall

When summer ends and the kids are back in school, it doesn’t mean fun activities must also come to an end. Fall is a great time for many outdoor activities that parents and kids can do together. If the weather hampers outdoor activities, you can switch to indoor activities. The main point is finding fun things that you can do with your kids. It’s easy to get in a rut of nothing but work and school, which can put a strain on parents and kids alike.

Staying Active Outdoors

The cooler temperatures in autumn are perfect for outdoor activities like these that older kids and teens will enjoy.

  1. Hiking– One of the best forms of exercise is walking. However, older children are not likely to want to participate in a walk with their parents around the neighborhood (my thirteen year old daughter would be at least half a block behind me). Instead, do a search online for hiking trails in your area. You and your kids may be able to witness some fantastic sites and stunning autumn scenery on a family hike.

  2. Stunt Kites– These kites are not toys like you would find at Toys R Us. Head over to a site like Into the Wind or Prism Kites to get an idea about what stunt kite flying is and of the type of kites used for this exciting sport. This is a great activity for very active parents and teenagers. You’ll get the best results on really windy fall days.

  3. Biking– Another great way to stay active and keep in shape is to go bike riding with your kids. Change it up a bit by riding in different areas. Look for parks or recreational areas that have designated biking trails and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage as you ride.

  4. Fishing– Fish often bite more in cool weather, which will help keep your kids engaged in the activity (speaking from experience, fishing is much more fun when you actually catch something).

  5. The Zoo– Crisp fall weather is the perfect time to visit your local zoo, for those living in bigger cities. If you live in a smaller community, you may be able to visit local wildlife sanctuaries.

Indoor Activities

On colder or rainy autumn days when outdoor activities are prohibited by the weather, here are some ways to spend quality time indoors with your older kids.

  1. Model Making– Go to your local craft store, where you and your child can pick out some type of model that the two of you can make together or get a couple of models to build simultaneously.

  2. Bowling– Gather up the kids and head to the local bowling alley for a fun indoor sport the entire family can enjoy together.

  3. Museums/Art Galleries– If you live in a larger city, look into visiting a natural history museum or an art gallery if you have children who are interested in art.

  4. Community Theater– Another entertaining and potentially educational activity you can do with your kids is to take them to your local community theater and let them experience a live performance. This would be particularly beneficial to older children interested in acting and the performing arts.

  5. Roller/Ice Skating– For parents brave enough to strap on a pair of roller skates or ice skates, heading to your local skating rink is a fun way to spend an afternoon with your children, while bringing back memories of being a kid yourself. However, think twice before trying some of the fancy moves you made when you were 15, especially if you value your tail bone.

Staying active with your children is something you can and should do no matter what time of year it is. Each season can bring opportunities for a variety of activities that will provide a lifetime of special memories for you and your kids.

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