Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Tips for Helping Your Kids to Keep Their Room Organized

When your kids are old enough to start taking care of their own belongings, we as parents should do our part to make it easy for them. It is important for them to be able to remember where their things go. It is just as important that they be able to reach their things. This way they are less likely to get frustrated or overwhelmed. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started:

1. Try to keep dresses, dress clothes, sweaters, and sweatshirts hung in the closet. This will allow for more room in your child’s dresser drawers.

2. There is a hammock that you can buy for your child’s stuffed animals that will help keep all of their furry friends off the floor. It easily attaches to the two walls in the corner of the bedroom.

3. 3 drawer plastic bins are great to help kids learn to take out and put away their clothes. In addition, they are easy to open and easy to reach. You can buy clear drawers so your child can see which clothes are inside.

4. A rolling flat bin is perfect for shoes or small toys. Store the bin easily under the bed where it will be out of site.

5. Step stools give kids that added boost they need to reach in the closet or the top of their dressers. This will eliminate the need for parents to reach up into the high places.

6. Corner sheet clips are nice to help keep sheets in their place. Just put your sheep on normally. Then at each corner attach the two clips with elastic in-between. The sheets should stay in place even when your kids are jumping on it!

7. Left over containers or empty boxes of wipes are good for storing your jewelry, make up, hair stuff, and little knick-knacks. This will keep the clutter in the room to a minimum.

8. Games should be stored on the top shelf of your child’s closet. Start from the largest and work your way to the smallest.

9. A CD rack next to your child’s stereo will protect their CD’s. CD’s are easily broken when placed on dressers. You also don’t want a pile of CD’s falling on your child when they reach up to grab the one they want.

10. A bookcase helps keep books, magazines, crayons, school supplies, and other toys off the floor.

I hope some or all of these tips help your children stay organized. I know it sure helped my three kids, and saved me some much valuable time from trying to keep their rooms clean.

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