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10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Athletic Shoes

You’re a very active person who loves to play sports, exercise, jog or walk. You’ve been doing all of this in your $20.00 K-mart tennis shoes. Now your feet not only ache, but they may have blisters as well. Do you know why? No, it’s not because you need another pair of tennis shoes. You need a new pair of shoes, definitely, but when you buy a pair it should be athletic shoes.

Why do you have to have athletic shoes? Because athletic shoes are made specifically for active people like yourself. They are designed to to be durable and to take some of the impact off of your feet that normally occurs when exercising, while still being comfortable and stylish. Yes, they may cost as much as $80.00 or more but it’s well worth the extra price in the long run. If you keep wearing tennis shoes while being active, you could end up injuring your feet which leads to a trip to the doctor. You’re not only in pain, but if you don’t have insurance, or if you have a large deductible, you’re going to have to shell out some big bucks. Now that extra $60.00 or so isn’t looking that bad after all, is it?

The best place to buy athletic shoes is in a specialty store, as they have a more diverse selection and the salespeople will know more about them. Also, there are many types of imitation athletic shoes, so buying your shoes from a reputable specialty store is your best bet. You can buy shoes online, however, it is best that you make the trip to the store yourself. The reason for this is so that you can try them on and see how they fit. You might think you know the exact size you need, however, your feet can grow. Even if they don’t, the shoe sizes in different brands of footwear are usually different.

There are many tips to make sure you go home with the best pair of shoes for your feet. When shopping for shoes, try to go later on in the day instead of in the morning. Everyone’s feet swell during the day if you’re on them, so shopping later in the day will afford a better fit. Also, make sure you wear, or at least take along, the kind of socks that you wear while exercising so that you can be sure they are comfortable. After all, who wants to exercise in shoes that aren’t comfortable or don’t fit properly? This only leads to blisters and loads of discomfort.

To find the proper support that you need, here is another tip. Take a good look at your old shoes. If your shoes are worn out on the inside edge, this means you have low arches or flat feet. When you walk or run, your feet tend to roll inward. This means the inside of your foot and your heel take the most impact and calls for a shoe with maximum support. If your shoes are more worn on the outside, this indicates that you have high arches and your feet tend to roll outward. This means you should look for a shoe that is cushioned and has a soft midsole. However, if your shoes are worn out equally in all places, you have a neutral arch which calls for a stable shoe that has the right mixture of support and cushioning.

The first thing that you will probably be searching for in your quest for a new pair of athletic shoes will be the design. Everyone wants to wear shoes that match their clothes or their own personal taste. Athletic shoes should be no different. After all, just because these shoes are doing the work of supporting your feet doesn’t mean they can’t look great while doing their job.

When you have found a pair that you like, make sure you check out the support on each shoe. If you are not sure, ask a salesman. If the pair you have chosen does not offer the support you need, the salesman will show you the selection of shoes that offer the support you need. From there, pick the design and color that you want, as well as the size.

Once this is accomplished, check the shoes out thoroughly. Do they appear durable? Most athletic shoes are, but it’s always a good idea to check out the soles and make sure the shoe is well made. No one likes soggy socks because they’re running after a rain and their shoes are leaking.

Try them on to make sure that they fit. You should have about 1/2 an inch between your big toe and the front of the shoe. The heel of the shoe should fit tightly so that it won’t slip when you walk, run or exercise. The upper part of the shoe that goes over the top of the foot should be snug and secure but not too tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes while the shoe is on. Try walking or running around the store to make sure that they feel comfortable.

Athletic shoes don’t have to be worn only when running or exercising. You can wear them like you wore your tennis shoes. Just make sure the style you pick out goes with your everyday clothes as well as your jogging outfits. It’s all about versatility, comfort and looking good while taking care of your feet.

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