Monday, December 12, 2016

10 Time Saving IPhone Applications

The iPhone can dethrone the common computer – either a PC or a Mac – in some important areas, and may even replace the computer in various daily tasks.

Here is a list of 10 things you can do today faster on an iPhone than on a desktop.

1) Weather: To learn about the weather it is easier to check the iPhone than browse the internet.

2) Maps and GPS: If you want to see the map of where you are, you spend less time opening the maps on your iPhone than opening up your web browser on your desktop or laptop and entering your location. Some maps for more complex tasks may require even more time and work in front of the computer.

3) SMS and international connections: You can use Fring, Nimbuzz and the other voice over IP applications, both the Mac and the iPhone can make connections with low cost of WiFi So, instead of connecting a headset to the Mac or PC and make the connection via Skype, go directly to the phone.

4) Facebook: The Facebook application for the iPhone is a quick way to end the boredom and see what your friends are doing. The web version has more features, but the iPhone has a summary of everything.

5) Music: You can have your complete collection on your home computer and take your favorite tunes on your iphone (or all, depending on size). With the iPhone and earphones with you, listening to your favorite songs anywhere is easy.

6) Check e-mail: Instead of entering the webmail or mail client all the time, the iPhone (and iPod touch) is a companion which is next to the desktop and alerts you of new messages. And you just have to go to the computer if you don’t want to type a long email on the small touch screen keyboard.

7) Contacts and Calendar: these two features work so well in the iPhone that it might make you forget to open your Calendar on the Mac for some time – just be sure to synchronize the data every week to not lose data (or use the MobileMe or Google Calendar to keep everything synchronized without work).

8) Games: Anyone who has the device with a jailbreak or App Store account in the U.S. can download fun and entertainment titles at any time – like waiting in the dentist office.

9) Notes: as the calendar, you get your notes to any place with the iPhone. It would be even better if the notes could sync with the Mac’s Stickies

10) Twitter: Applications such as Twinkle and Twiterrific help to keep up to date and send your information to Twitter. The only problem is the lack of copy and paste in the iPhone (ie no paste URLs in your twitts).

The iPhone is a real time saver, it just takes the time to take it out of your pocket.

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