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10 Things Your Local Library Offers for Free

Have you made a trip to your local library lately? If you haven’t, you might be surprised at what your local library has to offer in both services and materials to peruse. The services of your public libraries are there for free use. To take them home you have to become a member and get your own membership card.

Many libraries have much more updated systems than the libraries of old. Checking out any materials is very simple with a card that can be scanned in or typed in. You can even request and renew things online and receive e-mail notifications. They make it very simple.


This is what the library is known for, but it is really a beginning point for what the library has to offer. Besides reference books and popular books on the best selling list, the library houses every kind of book and reading material from magazines to a large children’s collection.

*DVDs and Videos

Many libraries now house a collection of DVDs and videos to check out. Like books in order to get the current and popular ones you may have to put a request in or get on a waiting list, but they will notify you when they come in. If your library is part of a county system, materials that can be checked out can be sent from one library to another by request.

*Music CDs and Books on Tape or CD

If you want to try some new music or check out a few classics, your library carries music CDs. If you are too busy to sit still and read a book, many are now offered on tape or in CD form so you can listen to the book of your choice being read to you. Again you can put in requests.

*Reading Programs

Most libraries have read aloud programs for young children. These are great for taking little ones on an outing to and a way for Mom or dad to get a little bit of a break and let the stories entertain the children while they enjoy the outing with their children.

*Computer Access

Many libraries now offer computer access. There is usually a time limit for computers. That way everyone can get a turn if they need it. Some libraries now have free wireless too, so you can bring you own laptop in and use it in the there.

*Visiting Speakers and Performers

Local libraries often have wonderful programs for all ages. There may be visiting speakers like local or well known authors in every genre. They often have special features that focus on a theme, like visiting firemen or local animal rescue groups, C.S.I. investigators, singers and everything and everybody in between. Make sure you check out your local library’s upcoming events calendar to see what they have on their agenda.

*Interest Groups and Activities
Your local library may be home to a number of interest groups and activities ranging from poetry and book clubs to teen groups, reading marathons, dance classes and free movie nights. Every library may house different activities at different times. Check yours out to find out what special activities they may offer.


Check in the library and online. They often have reading programs or contests that offer nice incentives and prizes. Many libraries have summer reading programs broken down into age groups with prizes at the end of accomplished reading goals. There are even writing contests sometimes.

*Volunteer programs and employment listings.

Some libraries offer volunteer programs for teens and adults. This is a great way for older kids to get some work experience under their belts while providing a service to their community. The library may also offer listings of local jobs that are available.

*Pamphlets and Flyers

There is often a lot going on in the local community surrounding your local library. Often they will carry flyer and notices of events , points of interest and local issues for you to read or take home.

Your local library is a world of free entertainment. It is geared towards every age group and many different interests. I f you haven’t been there lately, go give it another chance. The variety and scope available there may surprise you. The best thing is it is free for all to use.

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