Thursday, December 15, 2016

10 Things You Need to Know About Maple Story

1.Maple Story is an online Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)which stats to have an unofficial number of 50 million players worldwide.

2.In Maple Story you can assume the role of a Warrior, a Thief, a Bowman, or a Magician. You should make sure that your character has good stats before you begin to play. You can re-roll the stats dice as many times as you like until you get stats that you are pleased with.

3.MTV and Nexon, the creators of Maple Story, will create a premium version of MTV’s Neopets online youth community, where users can purchase virtual items for customization and personalization.

4.Maple Story is a side scrolling 2D role playing game. Most role playing games use a top scrolling format of gameplay thus making Maple Story very unique.

5.The overview of the game is that you as a player must “Maple World” from monsters and develop your character’s skills and abilities. You can interact with any other player in the mini world. You can also form a party of friends or a “guild” and fight monsters together.

6.Fans of Ragnarok Online are also big fans of Maple Story.

7.Maple Story is Free to play.

8.Maple Story has generated a combined total of $310 million USD for its developer and is proof that microtransactions do work.

9.Maple Story is mostly played by Japanese and Koren kids and has yet to become popular in the US.

10.If you start playing this game expect to spend over 100 hours killing mushrooms and other monsters called Jellies.

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