Thursday, December 15, 2016

10 Things You Can Do to Get Healthy Now

With obesity rates in America at an all time high, it is time that we must make some changes. While nothing that I am going to suggest will make you supermodel-thin in 30 days; I guarantee that in 30 days you are going to feel better about yourself, have higher energy levels, and a better quality of life. None of the ideas that I am presenting are new ideas, just all too often ignored ones. So, in saying that let’s get healthy America!

1) Pass up the fast food! I think fast food is the biggest contributing factor in America’s obesity problem; not to mention the effects on the cholesterol levels. No, cutting out the fast food will not be easy, but you can do it! If you cannot completely remove fast food restaurants from your life at least choose healthier items from their menus; grilled, not breaded and fried, salad or fresh fruit in place of the french fries, milk or water instead of soda. Save the unhealthy burgers, fries, and such for an occasional treat.

2) If you are within walking distance of your destination, leave the car parked. Not only is this better for our health, it is better for our environment and also our pocket books; so put on your walking shoes and save the gas.

3) If you have a sweet-tooth grab an apple, banana, or other fruit. Most fruits are naturally sweet and packed with vitamins. They are also much better for you than that candy bar you have your eye on.

4) Load your iPod with your favorite songs and take a walk. Walking is a great stress reliever and a good way to burn some calories. You should try to take a walk every day; you will be amazed at how good this will make you feel. Start out with a 30-minute walk every day and work your way up.

5) If you smoke, it is time to kick the habit. There are many smoking cessation programs available now; do some research and pick the one that is right for you. Quitting smoking will improve your breathing, decrease the number of colds that you get, as well as decrease your risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

6) Schedule regular health exams with your doctor. Regular visits to your doctor are essential in detecting disease early for optimal treatment and prevention.

7) Go outside and play with your kids! Few of us would consider this exercise but it is. You and your children will appreciate the time that you spend together for years to come.

8) Take the stairs. Elevators are a nice convenience but also a nice excuse for us to be lazy. Taking the stairs will not take that much more time than the elevator ride and you will be burning a few extra calories.

9) Don’t skip meals! This is a very common mistake with people who are trying to lose weight. Skipping meals is actually more destructive to our long-term weight loss success than sneaking that candy bar. Skipping meals causes your metabolism to lower and as a result your body will actually start to store more fat!

10) Set realistic goals that you can live with. Setting unrealistic goals sets you up for failure. For example: You want to quit smoking, so you decide that beginning tomorrow you will not touch even one cigarette. The next day, maybe your will-power weakens, and you smoke. As a result you feel guilty and feel like a failure and just give up the idea of quitting. Set realistic goals and understand that there will be setbacks and learn to forgive yourself for them.

If you take it a day at a time, you can do anything.

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