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10 Things You Can Do for Free on Any Vacation

Can you remember when you were a child, and your mother would chase you out of the house yelling something about; “You need to get outside! Do something, you can’t just eat and sleep all day,” you had to find something to do, and be back by 9:00pm, no later. Okay, may be that was just my generation’s childhood, but we are a lot healthier, and living longer than quite a few of our younger counterparts! Most of the people my age share some of these things in common, but there are a lot of them that share another factor, one of greater significance. “Income!” (And the lack of it!)

So, how did we manage stay occupied? What did we do without money, and still be able to keep our selves busy? There were actually quite a few things, #1 was, we #1-worked! Now some of you reading this just fell out of your chair’s I know, others are gasping for breath just hearing this, but yes, you can work! And best of all, you won’t have to spend one penny of your own money to do it! Best part is, (if you do this right,) you may even get to spend someone else’s money! This brings us to #2, and all you ladies out there love to do this, when you get there money to buy what they need, you get to go #2-window shopping! Now believe this or not, Window shopping is a lot of work! It involves a lot of #3-walking in the mall!

So, we now know we can “Work” regardless if it’s free, or getting paid to do it, we can “mow a lawn, trim a shrub, carry out the trash!” There’s lots of opportunity’s out there, sometimes it is hard to find, but if you are walking in the Walmart parking lot, and you see some elderly lady trying to pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food, and you think she looks like she only weighs 40lb, then don’t hesitate to run over and offer her a hand! It’s actually easy, let me show you, repeat this after me, “Hello, Ma’am! Can I help you with that, please?” See, now that is not so hard.. And because you finish it with a “Please” she’ll feel obligated to let you help her.

So, you can’t do these things because why? I understand that if your over 40, your still younger than me, and I do these things every day I get the opportunity, and if your crying about this, I’ll bet your one of those people with skin hanging down under your arms, and it flap’s in the wind when you step too close to a fan, or when it gets a little windy outside! Toughen it up! Get your pasty bottom off that couch, out of that chair, and try it! You’d be amazed at how good you really feel after you’ve been doing these things for even one day.. Not to mention, helping other’s has it’s own addictive rewards! Even some nice perks too, if you catch my drift! (Brings me to number 10, but you got to wait for that.) Just taking the time out to open a door for someone else, or lending a hand with something heavy, this is the oldest form of association, it was used many years ago by everyone, and family’s taught it to there children.

When we kids gathered together, (kids our age,) it’s true, some times we’d get into trouble doing something we were not supposed to do, but as a young man, I mostly hung out with older men and women. Being a man now, I know there is two kinds of people I like to be around. Mostly, needy women. Yeah, I’m bad. But there’s more of that Opportunity I was talking about. The other type, was Old people. (Much Older.) My grandfathers old cronies! These people usually can find something for you to do, at a moments notice! And, 9 out of 10 of them will pay you, and be offended if you did not take the money. It’s still true to this day! Only difference is, we are no longer kids! So a really good spot to find something to do, to keep you busy, is to “#4-Volunteer!” may be at your local VFW lot? Local Hospital? Church? You can also learn a great deal of knowledge this way. That will have to be another story, so lets get threw these other 8 things you can do for free…

On a vacation, trying to save money, you can all ways try going #5-Swimming! If you can not afford the season pass at your local pool, you can all ways look to your wild life preserves, local farms, or rivers and lakes, most have a spot where the public is allowed to swim. And if your really interested in making a day of it, you’ll be able to go #6 hiking, if it’s not too hot, you can also turn your hiking into a #7-Jogging day, if none of the lakes, rivers, farm or Government reserves are close by, there usually is a #8 State Park, you can take a trip to, where you can outdoor BBQ, and if your dating or married, and finished with #9 Walking the Dog’s (They do not even have to be your Dogs!) and it’s late in the day, you can finish it all up with (Ta-Da!) #10, SEX! You and your partner can get some much needed exercise, and it’s free! (as much as can be,) The Doctors #1 recommended cardiology exercise, that has been proved to burn as much calories as walking 5 miles, or spending 40 minuets on the weight bench, and only takes on an average of 5 minuets!

So here we have 10 things you can do, at very low cost, or even free! #1-Work, #2-window shopping, #3-walking the mall’s, #4-Volunteer, #5-swimming, #6-hiking, #7-jogging, #8-trip to the park, #9-walking the dogs, and #10-Sex! So everyone, have fun, and enjoy your Vacation, I know if I spent all year working, and only got one or two weeks to unwind and relax, I’d be going at that #10 with my partner, like two drunk monkeys wrapped in cellophane, the entire vacation!

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