Monday, December 12, 2016

10 Things the Tooth Fairy Can Leave Under Your Children's Pillow

Kids love creativity. Money is not the only option for the “tooth-fairy” to leave under their pillow. Yes, leave a couple of dollars once in a while, but other times, switch it up. Oh, and if you leave $10 or $20 one time for one tooth, watch out, you can’t go any lower because the kids remember and do no understand “it’s also a recession for the tooth-fairy!” $2 – $5 is PLENTY for a kid between the ages of 5 – 12.

1. Money
It’s obvious. Leaving a silver dollar, five one dollar bills, a roll of quarters etc… is alway an easy and appreciated gift from the “tooth-fairy.”

2. Diary
Probably geared more towards girls (but if that is something your boy likes, great!) a little diary (found at a Target or any variety store) with a princess on it or their favorite character is a fun choice.

3. Car or Robot
This is obviously geared towards boys, however, my kids play with all toys. Their favorite car, match box or from a movie, or robot or action figure is a very cute surprise. (It would have to be small enough to make it easy to put under the pillow!)

4. Nail Polish or Make Up
Depending how old your child is and if she is into that stuff, stores sometimes have great deals on all colors of nail polish as well as lip gloss or sparkly hair dust or gel.

5. Books
A book is a great gift, especially if your child is an avid reader or likes you to read to them. It seems like a lot of books these days are short, soft (not hardcover) and pretty flat, so it would be easy to slide it under the pillow.

6. Gift Card
If your child loses more than one tooth at once, which can happen more often then you think, a $5 or $10 (or your choice of amount) gift card to Toys R Us, their favorite store or to a play place is a great “tooth-fairy” gift as well.

7. Stationary
My daughter loves to write (she is only in first grade) and draw and send letters to her grandparents. What a great gift for all their letters – thank you notes for gifts, letters to friends and family and so on. You can even personalize the stationary with their name or initials.

8. Wish List
A friend did this, and I thought it was so cute. She made up a “tooth-fairy” wish list – with numbered spaces and a picture of the “tooth-fairy” for her child to write in the things he wanted from the “tooth-fairy.” She also gave him $3 so he not only got a “gift” but also had a chance to think about what he’d like the next time. (All within reason of course!)

9. Vacation Items
If the child’s tooth falls out close to a vacation time (holiday or summer) get them some Disney dollars or a gift card to the store at Six Flags or tickets for the rides at the beach etc…

10. Movie Tickets
This is a great gift if you can buy the tickets in advance for a movie you know they want to see. Otherwise, movie theaters have gift certificates that can be use for tickets and/or snacks.

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