Tuesday, December 13, 2016

10 Things to Pack for Your Cruise

# 1 – Power Strip
Most staterooms only have two outlets (and FYI, they aren’t in the bathroom). Make your life easier by bringing a power strip so you can plug in all your electronics such as battery chargers, cell phone chargers, hair straighteners, etc.

# 2 – Air Freshener
Bringing along a plug in or stick-up air freshener for your stateroom or bathroom can greatly improve your comfort level if the people who previously stayed in your stateroom happened to be smokers. A travel size fabric freshener is also a great idea!

# 3 – Sticky Notes
These handy little things are great for leaving messages for your traveling companions or for your room steward when you have special requests like asking for extra pillows, more ice, additional sodas in the mini-bar, etc.

# 4 – Highlighter
Each night a Daily Program will be left in your stateroom outlining dozens of activities going on the next day. Having a highlighter to mark the activities you are interested in is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss anything!

# 5 – Small Flash Light
Keeping a small flashlight on your nightstand can be a lifesaver when trying to navigate to the bathroom in the middle of the night without stubbing your toe, tripping on your suitcase or disturbing the other person you are traveling with by turning on the lights – especially if you are in an inside stateroom with no windows.

# 6 – Pocket Umbrella
Weather can be unpredictable everywhere, from Alaska to the Mediterranean. Be prepared by bringing a travel-size umbrella – the smaller the better. Cheap, disposable rain ponchos are a great idea as well.

# 7 – First Aid Kit
Hopefully you won’t have a need for any medicine while on your cruise, but better safe than sorry! While the gift shop onboard will probably have some of these items, the cost will be high. Better to bring a small supply (i.e. don’t bring the whole box) to have on-hand just in case:

– Band-Aids (including the kind specifically for blisters)
– Antibiotic cream
– Motion sickness tablets (or patches)
– Anti-diarrhea medicine
– Aspirin or other pain relievers
– Nasal Decongestant (in case allergies or sinus headaches kick in)
– Antacids to calm an upset stomach
– Pocket-size hand sanitizer

# 8 – Dollar bills
Bring $20-30 one-dollar bills to use for tipping room service delivery. They will also come in handy when shopping in local markets in foreign ports where credit cards likely may not be accepted.

# 9 – Hangers
There are never enough hangers in the closet, so bring a pack of lightweight plastic ones with you – you’ll be glad you did.

# 10 – Travel-size packets of laundry detergent and a stain removal pen
Whether you spill something on your favorite outfit or just need to rinse out your swim suit, having these items will come in very handy!

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