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10 Things to Never Say to Your Fat Friend

You all know this girl. Heck, you may even BE this girl. The fat girl. We all have our fun, outgoing fat friend. Though you may not see her weight as a problem and you may think she doesn’t either, there are certain things you should never under any circumstance say. And if you are her, like me, you know where this is going and where it is coming from. So friends of fatties or…FOF take note and be warned.

10. “At least you have a great personality”

Yes, we know we have great personalities, thank you. Apparently we are required to have them because otherwise no one would want to be in our presence.

9. “They’re only jealous”

No, they aren’t. And the sooner we can establish this truth is the sooner we can get girls to stop being so delusional. No wonder girls are in so much denial about how big they actually are! Quit feeding (pun intended) us lies and just be honest…or don’t say anything.

8. “You’re too good for him anyways”

Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. When is it a crime to want to be attracted to your potential suitor? Sure, maybe some girls (large or not) settle for some duds because they have a sparkling personality (or not) but that does not mean that we would ideally love to have a handsome man to carry us off into the sunset. We can all be a little shallow. But just because one man does not find you to be his cup of tea does not mean that others will not. There is someone who will love how you and how you look out there.

7. “Try exercising”

Where to begin. I think the majority of the public would be shocked to know that a lot of us chubs actually do exercise! No, that treadmill is NOT being used for a coat rack. Yes, I DO know how to use it, thanks. So many of us have a problem with this. We have the must stubborn metabolisms, apparently.

6. “Eat less”

Again with the stereotypes? How many times have we fat girls been told to eat less and eat right? Sorry if this lettuce leaf is considered a binge. I eat salads religiously. I drink water constantly. Am I skinny? No. Am I fat? Yes. People do not see what we eat, they just see us eating and assume it is our tenth meal of the day. This is not to say that all fatties are health conscious. I mean let’s get real, a lot of us are not. But that should not be made a general assumption. Again, many of us just have a diabolical metabolism!

5. “At least you are funny!”

Ah…to be the token funny blimp in your group of friends…is there any higher honor? As much as I love to be the heavy set wisecracking diva of the bunch, I do not need to be constantly reminded of my “place.” Well Shelly is the hot one…Tori is the deep thinkinker…they are both thin…so sorry Kimmie. That only leaves funny fat girl for you. Yes, we get it. We are funny. Along with the good personality. That’s just how it is.

4. “Don’t ask her, she doesn’t know what guys like.”

Isn’t this one a fun one to hear? You want to tell them that you have had boyfriends and are currently engaged. But if you say that, they can respond in a way that is even worse. They will then state that you don’t know what the kind of guy they like is in to. Apparently we chubbies attract a different species.

3. “Oh, so he is real.”

Along with number 4, a common myth is that we like to make up relationships. I have found that unless I actually introduce my fiancé to people, they think I have made him up. It’s true. A follow up to this would be “Wow! He’s actually attractive!” You don’t know whether to thank them or be offended. Or you could always pull the whole “Well thanks…HEY!”

2. “Don’t worry about what others think”

The more you tell us this, the more we are worrying about what people think. Believe it or not, I do not constantly worry about what people are thinking about me. I only start to wonder when someone tries to console me when I had no idea I needed to be consoled. Plus, if I were worrying, do you think telling me not to is going to actually comfort me and take away all my worries?

And the number one thing to NEVER say to a fat girl is….(drum roll, please):

1. “You have SUCH a pretty face!”

This could be the most detrimental of all things to say to a fat girl. This statement clearly implies that you definitely do not have a pretty anything else. There is nothing more that can bring a girl’s self esteem down. It is literally like a slap in the face to us all. To know that you could not simply say we are pretty, but you had to make sure we knew that our face is really the only thing going for us is just terrible. Please everyone, NEVER say this to anyone. Ever.

Hopefully these tips can prevent awkward silences and angry friends.

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