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10 Things to Do While Visiting Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo is a town that is located in Hawaii. It has around 50,000 residents. Hilo features some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. It is no wonder each year millions on people visit this spectacular place. This place features a tropical environment, something especially appealing to those who come from colder places. Lets take a look at vacationing in Hilo, Hawaii.

10. Kathmandu Imports

Kathmandu Imports is a store that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. The store is unique in that it sells merchandise that come from Nepal and Tibet. If you enjoy these types of items, this is one store that you shouldn’t pass up.

9. Chase Gallery

Chase Gallery is an art gallery that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. It features the beautiful artwork of local artists. Some of the artwork details the town’s rich history.

8. Basically Books

Basically Books is a bookstore that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. The bookstore is independent and family-owned. It is a great place to buy books about the local people, their history, customs, and culture. Basically Books also offers a wide array of maps.

7. Sig Zane Designs

Sig Zane Designs is a clothing store in Hilo, Hawaii. It features the designs of one of the Pacific’s top clothing designers, Sig Zane. The clothing is best described as ” Hawaiian Chic”.

6. Discount Fabric Warehouse

Discount Fabric Warehouse is a warehouse that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. From the outside, this looks like any other warehouse. But once inside, you will soon discover an arts and crafts bonanza. Discount Fabric Warehouse has an incredible selection of fabrics at unbelievable prices.

5. Kawate Seed Shop

Kawate Seed Shop sells shaved ice in Hilo, Hawaii. Patrons can azuki, condensed milk, or ice cream to their shaved ice for a very tasty treat. There are around 12 flavors in all.

4. Hilo Hattie

Hilo Hattie is a souvenir shop that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. It sells many of the common souvenirs, such as his and hers Hawaiian print shirts, that visitors to Hawaii have come to expect. Upon entering, you will be given free guava juice, and a complimentary lei.

3. Ken’s House of Pancakes

Ken’s House of Pancakes is a restaurant that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. It is the only restaurant in the town that never closes. That’s right. It is open 24 hours a day. They have a large and varied menu, so you will surely find something nice to eat.

2. Shooters

Shooters is a club that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. It is well known for its inexpensive drinks and very attractive staff. It is within walking distance of most of the town’s hotels.

1. Hilo Bay Hale

Hilo Bay Hale is a bed & breakfast that is located in Hilo, Hawaii. It is a beautiful place to stay. It is actually a plantation home that dates back to 1912. It has been fully restored to its original state. Featured here are private lanaii and baths, streams, a koi pond, and stunning views of Hilo Bay.


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