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10 Things to Consider Before Making a New Computer Purchase

Choosing a new computer isn’t as easy of a task as it first appears. Here are 10 things to consider before you buy.

New computer purchase tip #1 – Do you know someone who could and would build a custom computer for you?

If you know someone who enjoys building computers, and has experience in doing so, you might want to talk to him or her before you purchase one on your own. Building your own machine, or having someone close to you build it for you, is much less expensive than shopping the Dell website. You will get much more bang for your buck.

New computer purchase tip #2 – What will be the primary use of this new computer?

You might like your current system just fine, but would like a secondary laptop, or even a computer to use simply for storage. The primary use of your computer will determine how much you spend, how your purchase computer, and what specs your computer will contain (or need). A computer built for gaming will look very different from one built for routine office tasks.

New computer purchase tip #3 – What computer(s) do you already have in your possession?

You might already have some old systems lying around that would work satisfactorily for storage, or a backup system. They might just need a little TLC and updating. In the end, they may add significant value to your home computer system.

New computer purchase tip #4 – Are you planning to replace your old computer or do you need an additional computer for a completely different task?

Your computer might be fine, but you might need a new family computer, or a new computer for your son or daughter. You might even want a second a computer for yourself, a laptop for writing maybe? You have to take into consideration who you are purchasing the computer for as well as the purpose of the new system.

New computer purchase tip #5 – Have you considered alternatives to the traditional Windows-based PC, such as an Apple?

PCs are not for everyone, and Apples can be a great alternative. Is your new computer for your son or daughter who is incredibly artistic? If so, you might want to take a look at an Apple. Whether PC or Apple is right for you is completely dependent upon what the expressed purpose of the computer will be. Macs are better at some tasks, while PCs are better at others.

New computer purchase tip #6 – Will you be networking your new computer with your old computer?

If you are planning on adding the new computer to a home network, you will need to ensure that you will be able to do so. For example, if you have several PCs at home, which are all networked, you won’t be looking for a new Apple computer. If your new PC comes with Windows Vista, you probably should upgrade all of the computers on your network at the same time.

New computer purchase tip #7 – Do you plan on disposing of your old computer, and how will you do so?

If you are a computer junkie who likes to play around with old systems, you obviously will want to keep it. However, if you truly have no use for your old system, you might want to put an ad in the paper. You might be surprised at the response. You can also donate your old computer to charitable organizations.

New computer purchase tip #8 – Will your old software work on a brand new computer?

If you have used computers for decades, you may have become accustomed to certain software that is no longer updated. It may work well on your current system, but it may not work on a new one. If you are truly unwilling to give up the software, you might want to hang on to the old computer. When you need to use that software, you can use your old system. No one ever said that you can’t have more than one computer.

New computer purchase tip #9 – Are you planning to upgrade your printer and Internet service at the same time you purchase a new computer?

If you plan your finances carefully, you may wish to upgrade your Internet service and printer at the same time that you upgrade your computer. You are extremely limited with your new system if you still have dial-up. Unfortunately, dial-up Internet service remains the only option in some areas. Printers have really come down in price, and the all-in-one printer, which includes a fax, copier, and scanner, is now the norm.

New computer purchase tip #10 – What peripherals will you need?

You might wish to add a microphone, web-camera, an additional hard-drive, or more to your new system. When you build your own system, or have someone close to you who has the knowledge and experience to do so, it is easier to add the peripherals you need, and insure that they are compatible with your system.

No matter how you look at the situation, there is more to purchasing a new computer than simply ordering one off of the Dell website. There are other less costly options that might serve just as well, if not better. By truly keeping the purpose of the computer in mind, there is less likelihood of making a mistake.

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