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10 Things that Men Find Sexy!

Across the years I’ve had many conversations with my male acquaintances about what they feel makes a women sexy, and I’ve been observing a list on the remarks. The list below, and its attached explanations, might surprise you. But remember, this is an collective list, given in descending order, and collected from men with various personalities and backgrounds.

10 Things That Men Find Sexy!

Number 10. Physically pleasing…This likely doesn’t come as a surprise. The interesting thing is that it’s number 10 on this list. Being physically appealing is seemingly the golden ticket to enter the sexy girls club. So how is “physically attractive” outlined by men? The means that you likely believe. Yes, it’s stereotyped… Hip-to-waist ratio, school girlish facial characteristics, and balance (how shapely a woman is). These physical qualities still dominate in what men find attractive.

Number 9. Accessible…Ironically, the more physically appealing a woman is, the less men approach her. Many gorgeous and/or prosperous women will concur. It’s not that men choose blemished women, they’re simply more at ease approaching a woman who doesn’t look to be “perfect,” And may be more acceptant to them…and their faults.

Number 8. Unemotional personality…Although it’s true that men mature desiring the cheerleader/model/stripper, they also prize the “girl next door,” who’s solid, realistic character is appreciated. When being with her He may experience the time spent as with “one of the guys,” she will always remind him that she’s a woman…And a sexy one at that.

Number 7. Broad-minded…There are many reasons how come men desire a woman to be broad-minded. The 1st is that it implies she will harbor different ideas and views which could go a long way towards building up and maintaining the relationship. It also signifies that she might look at the possibility of a threesome…No matter how removed of a possibility.

Number 6. Competitive…Women are competitive with one another when they’re unattached. They must keep that equal rivalries spirit while in a relationship. The type of fight that men find hot is when their women can discover another sexy woman’s traits, and then improve her own sexiness. In other words, knows what her man finds sexy about different woman and emulate it.

Number 5. Self-confident…Being around a uncertain woman is as if you’re in a boat with a slow leak…Sooner or later it will fill up with water and sink. So will the relationships that men attempt to have with such women. Men see confidence as sexy…Particularly in the bedroom.

Number 4. Great hygiene…Sexiness is good health. It’s also cleanliness. From sexy smelling hair and breath, to every cleft of a woman’s body. Extremities should be clean and desirable during intimate times, and fragrances should awaken and arouse.

Number 3. Orgasmic…Plainly said: Nothing is more exciting to a man than the clear memory of his orgasmic lover during their last sexual encounter…Except the encounter he’s going to have with her next. Women who recognize how… And expect to have orgasms during every sexual encounter are positioned in his sexual hall of fame, giving him his bit of ego knowing that his is the man…Giving his women sexual pleasure!

Number 2. Forceful sex drive…Believing that just about all men sense that women don’t desire sex as often as they do, it only causes sense that a women who want sex would be 2nd on this list. For a man, a woman who loves lots of sex, is sexy. A woman who desires lots of sex is a keeper.

Number 1. At ease with her own sexuality…A woman who’s at ease with her sexuality is given to be at ease with all matters sexual. She can talk about her sexual wants, experiences, and desires. She has extraordinary, sexual exuberance and isn’t worried with her man’s past lovers for she is competitive.

As a matter of fact, she feels sexy all by herself, but she enjoys the intimate attending that her man gives to her, and of course her man loves the fact that she doesn’t have sexual hang-ups. She’s at ease making love in the bed, or in a car, and she’s not concerned in having a philosophical discussion about the conflicts between the two. She’s sexy as hell, and her man loves her a lot more for it.

I hope you have found my list of the 10 things that men find sexy helpful. Just remember…Always be you! Have you ever thought about talking dirty to your man? If you’re looking for a way to increase the intimacy in your relationship…I highly recommend you visit my Site Talking Dirty. Have Fun!

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