Tuesday, December 13, 2016

10 Things Men Want from Women

Does it seem impossible? Not really, because after various studies, the scientists found the main 10 things men expect from women.

1. To be on her own. Ladies, this means to take care of yourselves, to be interested in your career and future. In other words, you must not depend of your boyfriend or anyone else than yourselves.

2. To not be the one who does the first move. It’s a debated issue and probably, the solution is subjective. We think that men prefer women who wait, not women who act from the first moment.

3. Being sexy without being vulgar. In other words, at least at the stage of flirt, it’s better to use only a nonsexual language.

4. To wait before doing sex. It’s recommended to wait at least 2 weeks before doing sex. If you give to a man too soon what he wants, he might not be so interested to know you very well.

5. A woman who does simple things to show him that she cares. Well, you probably knew this, but it’s good to remember about every time.

6. A woman who makes him look good. It would be preferable to laugh at his jokes and not to contradict him just for the sake of doing it. It’s good to compliment him every time you have the opportunity to do it.

7. A woman who never pressures him. This point is one of the most important. Men have an aversion to any kind of pressure, so don’t bother them with an idea at which they don’t react positively. This includes the pressure women usually exert when it’s about marriage or holidays.

8. A woman who doesn’t make compromises more than it’s needed. Men prefer women who do not accept anything from a man – in other words, women who believe in the motto “respect yourself and you will be respected.”

9. A woman who is attracted by good manners. Men will always respect a woman who knows how to appreciate good manners.

10. A woman who knows the importance of love into a relationship. Most men are romantic because love is not just a Utopian idea for them. The feelings and their expression represent an extremely important part of a relationship.

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