Thursday, December 15, 2016

10 Things I Love About People

There is much to love about the world and much to love about those who show love towards you. But just because someone doesn’t love you doesn’t mean you can’t love what they do. While this list may be redundant at times, here are my top 10 things I love about people.

Gratitude: When people show genuine appreciation for others, this is one of the nicest things that anyone can do for another. Moreover when you recive gratitude from someone, that can be very nice as well. Knowing that your actions were appreciated is great; someone making occasion to let the person know is a very big thing to do.

Consideration: We each go through our lives trying to reach an end. Taking a second and considering how our actions will affect the larger strata is always a good idea. One of the worst things to have to say to someone is “I didn’t even consider that.”

Space: I love it when I can be close to people I care for; I love it even more when those who love me can give me space. Yes it’s a fine line to walk but an important one, I think.

Attention: Being able to breathe when you need to is good; having people you care about and who care for you, being able to dote on you is nice too. It’s often the smallest voluntary gestures which carry the biggest emotional resonance; even though the attention paid may have been comparitivley small, it was also unexpected. That stays with people.

Kindness: Being kind is something they teach you in grade school and something that’s beaten out of you later in life. We’re all taught in youth to be “equal” but really from the earliest grades they start sifting the sands and picking out those with natural ability/potential or whatever to be the best of the best. so we’re always in competiton for limited resources. Its nice, later on in ‘real life’ to take a step back from all that and just appreciate the majesty of the human experience. Nice people do it with kindness.

Empathy: There is nothing worse than suffering a debilitiating blow; there is nothing nicer than having someone there who genuinely cares for your quandary express that. Having someone who will really listen and help you work thorugh a problem is one of the thigns I love about people.

Trust: Trust is a two way street. Dancing that dance with someone over a prolonged period of time is impressive indeed. It is rare but having osmone you can trust is invaluable.

Benevolence: Perhaps the nicest thing that any one person can do is just be there for their fellow human being. A step up from just being kind, benevolence takes that kindness and puts it into action. Benevolence truly shows that you have the best wishes of everyone in mind when you do those things you do.

Appreciation: Showing gratitude and being appreciateive are degrees of the same thing. However appreciation goes that extra mile because you can show gratitude but never do anything about it. when you show appreciation you’re doing more than just saying “thank you;” you’re showing why others actions were important, what it meant to you, and how their good will has helped you accomplish something.

Friendship: A friend is something to be cherished. We go through so many friends in our lifetimes; but true friends are really irreplaceable. You can’t buy true friendship; you can’t win it, you can’t take it; you can only earn it. The fact that you have a few real, good, true friends shows that you’ve put in just as much work as they have; that is one of the best things in the human experience and number one on my list of 10 things I love about people.

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