Thursday, December 15, 2016

10 Things for Christians Not to Do or Say at a Hanukkah Dinner

I am a Christian (Roman Catholic to be exact), but throughout my life I have always had many Jewish friends. There have been multiple times in which I have been invited to Hanukkah dinners during the holiday season. I have always believed that it was an honor being a Gentile who was invited to celebrate in what is considered to be one of the most sacred Jewish holidays. After my accepting of the offer, some of my Jewish friend have invited other Christian friends to future Hanukkah meals.

There have been many times in which I have been at Hanukkah dinners and seen and heard some very strange things from other Christians that have been invited to these meals. I found myself discussing many of these events with a relative the other day, and realized that it would be fun to share them with others. These are ten tips about what you should not do or say if you are a Christian who is at a Hanukkah dinner. All of these are taken from real life.

10. Do not ask your host, “Do I have to wear one of those little beanies on my head?”

9. Do not start out questions about Hanukkah by asking, “Do you Jews…”

8. Do not attempt to wish your host a Merry Hanukkah, or a Happy Chun-aye-kah.

7. When the meal starts, do not ask if this is the night that is unlike any other night.

6. When the children at the party bring out their dreidel, do not say the following:

“I can’t believe with all of the money that your parents make that they only gave you a top to play with.”

5. You should not insist that Grace be said before the meal.

4. Remember that Hanukkah Harry is a creation of Saturday Night Live, and is not actually believed in by Jewish children.

3. Do not ask the Jewish children in attendance about what Santa Clause brought them for Hanukkah.

2. Do not ask if your host is going to read passages from, “The Diary of Ann Frank.”

1. If you are a smoker, under no circumstances should you ever light your cigarette off of the Menorah.

If you follow these rules, you Hanukkah dinner should be an enlightening experience. It will also ensure that the host, and guests, will be interested in having you back for another celebration in the future.

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