Friday, December 16, 2016

10 Steps to a Princess Tiara for Kids

There is nothing that a little girl dreams of more than becoming a princess. This easy to make princess tiara is a hit at craft shows, as parents and grandparents hope to make their little girls’ dreams come true.

1. The first step to making a princess tiara is to decide on a color scheme. Pinks and purples tend to do very well, but having a wide assortment of colors will guarantee that every little girl finds something they like.

2. You will also need to decide what type of beads to use. The beads are the biggest part of this project, and a good quality is highly preferred. That doesn’t mean you need to use expensive glass beads, but at least pick beads that look expensive.

3. Now you can assemble the tools and supplies. For this project you will need:

-1 headband, or an assortment of pipe cleaners

-a various assortment of pipe cleaners

-an assortment of beads that match your pipe cleaners

4. Lay out your beads in the style that you want to use. A good rule of thumb is to alternate beads; one pink, one purple, etc. Its easier to complete this project is you start by laying out the beads ahead of time.

5. You also need to decide how many levels you want on your tiara. I like to use two, but three will also work. Take several pipecleaners, and bend them into a wave pattern similar to this: MMMMMM. These bent pipecleaners are where you will place your beads.

6. Slowly thread the beads onto your pipecleaners, remembering to alternate the colors. You will also need to leave a small space, 0.5″-1″ at the end so you can twist the pieces together.

7. Once you have a section of beaded pipecleaner complete, twist your next layer onto the top. This should be twisted onto the top of the beaded pipecleaner, directly in the middle of the first “peak”.

8. Now string your beads onto the second layer, once again alternating the colors. If you chose to add a third, or fourth, row to your tiara, do so by following the earlier steps.

9. If you decide to use a headband, simply twist the bottom of your pipecleaner around the edges of the headband. Hopefully you remembered to leave a small amount of free space at the edge. You can also add a small dab of glue for extra support. If you want to continue using pipecleaners, twist together the edges of 3-4 pipecleaners to form a large circle, and then twist the tiara part onto the circle. Its helpful to have a few different sizes if you plan to sell these, as not all children have the same sized heads.

10. The last step is to examine the princess tiara for any loose beads, or pipe cleaner edges that might scratch the child’s face. Fold down any rough edges, make sure the beads are secure, and you’re all done.

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