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10 Steps Every Freelance Writer Must Take with Every Submission

Being a freelance writer is challenging yet rewarding. If you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes then you can successfully earn an income writing. It is not easy though. Freelance writing can be both stressful and exhausting.

Every time you sit down to write an article or what have you there are certain things you can do to ensure your work is quality writing. Here are the ten steps to improve your chances of selling every time with every piece you write and submit.

Step 1: Meditate. Think. Sit and plan out your piece. Even if you query you will still need a solid understanding of what you are proposing to sell. What exactly is it that you want to write about? What are the main points and aspects that you want to cover? What do you want to tell your readers?

Step 2: Take notes. Write down all of the ideas that you comes up with as you think it through. Have a folder or a note book with a pen always handy. Jot down all things that come to your mind regarding what you want to write. This is how articles and stories and novels are begun. Take your time and record every last thought.

Step 3: Once you are done jotting it all down it’s time to put together an outline. Outline your main points. Include an introduction and a closing. Branch off of your main point with at least three things each to fill it in and to expand. Your outline becomes the skeleton of your article. You’ll want it to have strong bones.

Step 4: Step four is to find your sources. Figure out what you will use to back up your article. Write them all down. As you do include the title, the author, the chapter and the page. You may also want to include the publisher and the copyright date.

Step 5: Step five is to create your bibliography using the information you wrote down about your sources. Type the information up neatly, and in an organized fashion. Label it bibliography and then submit it with your article.

Step 6: Step six is to begin your article. Do your rough draft. Use a good writing program that has spell check and word count. Keep your outline and sources by your side and get to work. A rough draft doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t go too fast but do let the words flow as quickly as they can.

Step 7: Step seven is to edit your rough draft. Read and inspect it carefully for typos and spelling errors. Check the grammar well. Reword anything that doesn’t seem quite right. Make sure it all makes sense. This is the way to perfect your masterpiece.

Step 8: Step eight is to add or to crop. When you have a word minimum and a word maximum you’ll want to make sure that you are meeting those requirements. If your piece has too many words it is time to delete any unnecessary line, phases, or words. If it has too few it is time to add in an extra line or two here and there or to add on an extra aspect of your topic.

Step 9: Step nine is to write your cover letter. This is a letter to the editor of the place you are submitting to. It is meant to introduce and sell your article, or other piece of writing. Include your name, address, phone number and fax number. Don’t forget to add on the date. State your point directly. Never beat around the bush. Propose your work and let them know why their readers would benefit from it.

Step 10: The tenth step is submission. Your piece is edited and perfect. There are no errors. Your cover letter is direct and accurate. You include your personal contact information. Use a large envelope and stuff that manuscript inside. Make sure to include a self addressed stamped envelop and you are good to go. Make sure to always follow the guidelines to the place you choose to submit to. Part of submission is deciding who to submit to. If you don’t read guidelines carefully you may make the mistake of not following them.

There you have it! If you take your time and do it up right you are sure to have a great chance of improving your chances of selling each and every time. Good luck and take care! Thanks for reading!

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