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10 Signs You Found Mr. Right

Many of us could probably say we were once with someone that we swore was Mr. Right. He was funny, loyal and at the time, seemed to have all the qualities a woman would want a guy to have. Regardless of what happened, the logical next step is to move on to someone else who hopefully lives up to that title. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can force or rush or make happen simply because you want it to. While some say they just always knew their guy was Mr. Right, others need more time to figure it out. If you’re questioning whether you’ve found Mr. Right, the following 10 signs can give you all the answers you need.

1. He loves you for you. Your guy accepts you for who you are and understands that you’re not always going to look or act perfect. You are comfortable being yourself around him, even if that means letting him see you with no makeup, in ratty pajamas and with tears running down your face after a horrible day.

2. He treats people with respect. He’ll make a new waitress feel better when she forgets the bread sticks, not hang up on his mother when she’s driving him crazy and doesn’t talk down to you when you make a mistake. I once dated a guy who cursed off his mother in front of me and didn’t think I understood the language he was speaking in – that was the last day I saw him. Mr. Right is respectful to everyone, not just to you, and doesn’t think twice about it.

3. He’s trustworthy. When you’re not around, you don’t have to worry or question what he’s doing. There’s not a doubt in your mind you can trust him and that he’s earned it whether it’s keeping your secrets or being faithful.

4. He turns you on in every way. Your guy stimulates you mentally, physically and emotionally. It may not happen all on the same day, but he does all three and knows how to do them well.

5. He’s invested and interested in your life. When Mr. Right asks about your day, he actually cares what happened and isn’t just asking for the sake of it. Your guy supports you in your endeavors and when you’re excited about something in your life, he’s just as excited for you.

6. He has a life plan similar to yours. Obviously, life will throw curve-balls that will require altering life plans, but both of you know where you stand with each other on major issues including religion, children, money and career. Above all, both of you are factoring the other into life plans and not just discussing what movie you’re going to see next week.

7. He brings out the best in you. You notice it about yourself or others might notice a change, but your best characteristics are amplified and your flaws seem diminished. You find yourself wanting to be a better person, not only for you but for him as well.

8. He argues the right way. It’s inevitable that couples are going to argue. When it happens, Mr. Right doesn’t do anything to hurt you or intentionally push your buttons. He doesn’t fight with you in front of others and knows how to agree to disagree. He’ll talk things over with you and after, not use the fight against you or continue to bring it up once it’s settled. Both of you know what the other person needs after an argument – either to back off or discuss it then and there – and each of you apologizes to the other if necessary.

9. He’s there for you. You know if you ever need him, he will do anything and everything to be there and lend support. He’ll go out of his way to make your day better if he can without expecting anything in return.

10. He’s different than any man you’ve been with before. Many women have a “type” that they’re often drawn to but quite a few find that their Mr. Right is more perfect for them than the type they originally had in mind or that they’re used to. You might try to fight it, but you’re drawn to Mr. Right anyway because he gives you butterflies and it’s not because he’s a “bad boy” or because he plays games. There’s no games, the relationship just feels right.

Mr. Right is not perfect – no man is and it’s impossible for him to be all things at all times, but if your guy exhibits these signs a majority of the time, he may be right for you. Mr. Right doesn’t come along every day, so it’s important to treat him the way you want him to treat you. Be weary of self-sabotage, which unfortunately is something that a lot of us have done at least once. Don’t push him away because you’re afraid your wonderful relationship is going to take a bad turn so you end it first (or cause him to end it) instead of prolonging what you believe is the inevitable. We can’t be afraid of what might happen because this life has a habit of giving us some amazing unexpected surprises.

Avoid negative thoughts that include thinking you’re not good enough for him or that you’re not deserving of happiness. Being happy with yourself has a positive effect in other areas of your life, including your relationship. Judge for yourself what you think of your guy – Mr. Right for you may be Mr. Wrong for someone else.

Photo Source: By April Killingsworth via Wikimedia Commons

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