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10 Secrets to a Successful Fantasy Football Season

The difference between winning your fantasy football league and being an also-ran is often razor thin. These 10 tips will help give you the edge you need to finish this season in the money.

1. RBs are the Key-Runners get you the most points in fantasy football in almost every league. There’s a simple reason for it: diversity. RBs can score for you on the ground or in the air and even throw the occasional TD pass. They usually get the most total yards and are the backbone of every successful fantasy team. Pick one in the first round and a second RB in the second or third round.

2. Avoid Rookie WRs, TEs and QBs-Unless you’re in a league that allows you to keep at least 5 players, stay away from rookies at these positions. They rarely contribute much or put up big numbers. There are exceptions, but for every Dan Marino, there are 100 other QBs who put up bad fantasy numbers as a rookie. Some examples: John Elway, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Need I say more? Unless you can stash these guys away for a year or two, give them a chance to adjust to the pro game and learn the system before drafting them early.

3. Don’t Overpay for QBs-Because they are the most recognized players in the NFL, everybody rushes to draft a QB. In fantasy football, a good but not great QB can win for you. Don’t be overanxious to draft a QB. With the possible exception of Peyton Manning, no QB stands head and shoulders above the rest statistically. There will be plenty of strong starting QBs in rounds 2, 3 and even 4.

4. Know Your League’s Scoring System-No matter what any publication or Web site may say, you have to know your league’s scoring system. If it’s a TD only league, the top players are different than in a yardage oriented league or a league that gives bonuses to receivers for the number of catches. Know your league and adjust your rankings accordingly.

5. Know Your Bye Weeks-It sounds obvious but it can cost you a game or two if you don’t pay attention to this. What good does it to you to have 3 top players at a position but if they all sit out during the same game, you’re sunk and you may even be giving away a game or two. Make sure you’re backups can play when your starters are sitting out the week.

6. Know the system players are in-A great WR on a team that emphasizes the running game is not such a great pick. If the Chicago Bears have a rookie QB and are only throwing 20 short passes per game, it stands to reason that over the course of the season, their star WR will not have great numbers compared to an average WR who is in a pass happy West Coast system. This can make a big difference in who you pick so keep it in mind.

7. Draft backups to your stars-This rule applies double if your starters are injury prone. If you have Ahman Green at RB, you may want to pick up Samkon Gado. If Green goes down, you’ll already have the guy getting his carries in place. This covers your rear end when injuries hit and believe me, in a 17-week season, they will hit, usually when you can least afford them. Use late round picks for this.

8. Wait to Draft TE’s-TE’s tend to be inconsistent fantasy scorers. This is because in general, they get less catches than WRs or even RBs in most systems and their value is dependant on TDs. Wait until the middle rounds to jump on a TE unless Antonio Gates is available in the third or fourth round. They’ll be plenty of acceptable TEs available.

9. Stay Away From Defenses and Kickers Early-At some point in your draft, there will be a run on defenses and kickers but you should have your top 2-3 RBs, 2 QBs, 2 WRs and at least 1 TE drafted first. There are plenty of kickers who will give you adequate scoring, defenses too. Don’t blow an early round pick on one.

10. Keep Track of Injuries-It sounds simple, but if a player you draft has been hurt in training camp, you could waste a valuable early round pick. Keep track of big injuries and keep up with developments over the summer.

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