Monday, December 19, 2016

10 Rules to Follow if You Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Over the past two years I have lost twenty pounds and I have kept it off. I have never dieted, but I do follow these rules, and if you do too, I guarantee you will lose weight. It’s a way to live.

The first Six:

Never Diet

Dieting doesn’t work. Period. At some point, you will have to stop your diet and resume living. If you do that before you reach your goal you will lose confidence, feel worse than you did before you started, and will likely gain back every pound, because dieting is artificial. What you can you is change how you eat for good.

Always incorporate Food that you Like

Are you willing to live without chocolate forever? I’m not. In fact, I rarely live without it for a day. I keep a very good quality dark chocolate bar in my freezer. Every night, I break off a couple of sections and savor them. If this isn’t in your comfort zone, buy only that which you can eat on a daily basis. Shop every day for your chocolate. I do the same with cheese and with crackers, my other demonic loves.

Do your research when eating out

Almost every restaurant these days has an online menu. It’s way too easy to walk into a restaurant and order the first gooey entrée you see. Read the menu online the night before and then when you order you can be decisive and confident.

Eat your Five early in the day

Your five fruits and veggies. Eat them early. They fill you up, provide essential nutrients and fiber and keep you from eating more fattening choices that leave you hungry.

Eat throughout the day

Eat to live. Fuel your activities. If you eat small meals throughout the day you will have energy and you will less. Your blood sugar will remain stable instead of peaking and plummeting.

Eat in the Evening

If you don’t leave any calories for the evening, you are going to be constantly frustrated. You may not be able to sleep. It’s unrealistic.

The Final Four


Drink it. At least eight every day.


Limit it. It has scads of useless calories and it lowers your eating inhibitions.


You can’t burn calories if you don’t move.

Enjoy your food.

Food is not a guilty pleasure. It’s a pleasure, period. Savor it.

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