Monday, December 19, 2016

10 Recession-Proof Family Activities

It’s old news: We’re in a recession. Unemployment is reaching new heights and we’re all cutting back on spending because money is tight. We’re eating out less and buying fewer designer goods. We’re driving our cars a little longer before trading them in. We’re making do with less.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice when it comes to fun with your kids. In fact, the recession might be just the thing we all need to remind us that some of the best times we can have with our kids cost us almost nothing. With less time spent at work, there is more time for us to spend with our families. Here are some inexpensive ideas for family fun that we can do regardless of the recession:

Go for a Walk – If it’s a nice day, put on your walking shoes and get outside. Walk around your neighborhood or a park, if there’s one nearby. Kids love getting outside and exploring.

Go to a Museum – Most museums have “pay what you can” or “no admission fee” days. Do some research and see what’s available in your area, and then hit a museum! Culture for free.

Fly a Kite – You can buy a cheap kite at the dollar store and on a beautiful, windy day it can be good for hours of fun.

Have a Picnic on Your Living Room Floor – For something different, put a blanket down on your living room floor and have an indoor picnic with your family. This is sure to get all the kids helping out and it can be a fun change from the normal kitchen table meal.

Have a Dance Party – Turn up some music and dance, dance dance.

Create Some Art – Art supplies are easy to find for very little money, so have get those creative juices flowing and have an art party! See what art your kids can create to decorate your house.

Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater – Move your TV outside, pop popcorn, buy some candy from a convenience store and have your own outdoor movie experience. Your kids will love it.

Treasure Hunt – Hide a treasure (this can be anything from a couple wrapped cookies to a small toy from the dollar store) somewhere in the house. Then write clues on separate pieces of paper, and hide them throughout the house. Each clue will lead to another clue, until finally the last one will lead the kids to the hidden treasure.

Indoor Camping – Build a fort! Drape sheets over a table to create a hidden little cave for you and your kids to use as a hideout. Fill it with pillows and blankets so it’s comfortable. Let your kids bring books and a flashlight into the hideout and pretend you’re camping.

Have a Game Night – Pull out the board games! You can find fun games at thrift stores or garage sales for very little money. The whole family can play games like Monopoly and Charades. Add in some fun snacks and let the good times roll.

So you see, even though we may not have the money to go out to movies and amusement parks like we once did, we can still have plenty of fun that will outlast this recession.

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