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10 Reasons to Visit Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco has been dubbed “the pearl of the Pacific” for its wondrous beauty. The perfect year round tropical climate. makes it a perfect place for all kinds of activities. Being there is so much to do and see in Acapulco, here is a list of the ten most popular.

1.Acapulco is well known for its beaches. The most popular is Caleta Beach, a calm beach with lapping waves. Hornos Beach also has soothing tides and Hornitos is great for fishermen. Lcacos is popular for renting sailboats and Pie dela Cuesta is great for contemplating those perfect sunsets and waves that can reach over twelve feet high.

2.Enjoy hiking and sightseeing through Veladero National Park. Fishing and hunting enthusiasts will love the Tres Polos Lagoon, while historians can marvel at the Sabana, an archaeological site filled with Tlahuica pottery heads.

3.One of Acapulco’s main attractions is the world famous divers of La Quebrada. These fearless divers soar from 136 foot rocky cliffs into a narrow inlet, where huge waves enter and crash over the rocks. There timing is very crucial and must be executed perfectly.

4.Sail through the jungle of Coyuca Lagoon. Here you will discover several islands that you may have seen in movies. There is the Island of the Man with Seven Wives, Birds Island, the channel where Rambo II was filmed, and La Barra, where the TV series Tarzan was filmed.

5.Fuerta de San Diego, with its singular pentagon shape, has always been an essential part of Acapulco’s architecture. This restored monument now houses the new History Museum. This fortress has been witness to many events of Acapulco’s part: the pirates of the Pacific, south seas conquest and many other interesting historical events.

6.Fishing in Acapulco is an unforgettable experience. Deep sea fishing is the most famous type of fishing. The best time periods is between November and May. Enjoy the exciting sport at the Bay of Puerto Marques, Tecomate and Chautengo Lagoon. Fish for marlin, tuna, sailfish, dorado and other varieties of fish abundant in the Pacific waters of the region.

7.The Cici Aquatic park is Acapulco’s resident theme park, designed for both fun and education.There’s a wave pool to swim in, two water slides, seal, dolphin, diving and bird shows. There is a large aquarium and a private beach club where you can relax and eat.

8.Papagayo Park is a garden area totaling 52 acres, and filled with exotic birds. Inside the park is a life size model of a Spanish galleon, a replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a lagoon with bumper boats, botanical garden and various rides.

9.Enter the calm waters around La Roqueta Island. Snorkel in and around the abundance of marine life. The warm waters are complete with small coral formations, jacks, trumpet fish, barnacles, sea stars, gorgonians, and sea horses. Keep an eye out for turtles and stingrays.

10.The Cathedral on the Palace is a beautiful example of Acapulco’s history with Spanish, Moorish and native influence. Its distinctive sky blue dome dominates the downtown plaza. Step inside the cool, quiet church and admire the collection of religious statues.

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