Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Reasons to Practice Abstinence: Beliefs, Safety and More

Abstinence is a very important part of life. Although some people don’t practice it and some people do. What you decide is your decision, the purpose of this article is to put together a list of reasons that abstinence should be practiced, so if you haven’t made a decision yet then here is a list of reasons why abstinence is a positive thing.

1. The first reason and probably the most important is religion. As a Christian you are supposed to wait until marriage and it is a sin to practice premarital sex.

2. The biggest reason why some people practice it is pregnancy. Even though contraceptives can aid in the process but abstinence is the only one hundred percent positive way to prevent pregnancy.

3. The only way to one hundred percent prevent sexually transmitted diseases is total abstinence, you have to remember that you can contract sexually transmitted diseases from other sexual acts as well.

4. Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause infertility so that you can’t have children and even cancer. As you can see it is very good for your health to practice abstinence.

5. Another good reason to practice abstinence is that if everyone waited until they got married it would actually slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it if two people wait until they get married then obviously neither one of them have an STD so they won’t be passing it on. Even if one person in the relationship contracted an STD and the other waited until marriage the STD would only be passed to one person if they stayed faithful, instead of a bunch of other people. The more people that practice abstinence the better.

6. Abstinence is very important for relationships. If two people wait until they are ready then it makes for a happier and more healthy relationship. There is more trust, less emotional baggage, and more respect. If someone respects themselves and their morals they will get more respect back.

7. Studies have shown that when people practice abstinence they are happier as adults, more successful, and more financially successful as well.

8. Abstinence is also good for your relationship in other ways as well. It is studied that sexual activity can put a lot of stress on a relationship. It can cause arguing, extra pressure that is really not needed , and can ultimately end a relationship. Without all this extra stressfulness it makes for a happier, healthier, relationship.

9. Abstinence can also provide a deeper connection with the person your with and create a better relationship. You will both know the other person’s history and it will feel more meaningful.

10. The most important reason for practicing abstinence is if it makes you happy. If it is what you have decided to do and you are happy with it, don’t let anyone change your mind.

Abstinence is not necessarily an easy choice to make and usually not an easy decision to stick with. What you do decide to do is your decision I just hope this article helped out in showing that abstinence is not a bad thing.

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