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10 Reasons to Love 'Twin Peaks'

If you’ve ever watched “Twin Peaks,” most likely you fell in love with it for its unique attributes which can’t be found anywhere else, on television or otherwise. These go beyond the sheer brilliance of the plot- a seemingly cozy town with a seedy underbelly, showing its true colors amidst the murder of a seemingly innocent girl.

Here are ten reasons why I personally loved the show, as well as some things you may not have known about David Lynch’s and Mark Frost’s creation (Possible Spoilers Below).

1. The Setting/Scenery

From the wind blowing through the Douglas firs, to the rustic look of the Great Northern, anyone who’s watched the show knows that one of its strong suits is the setting and scenery. Lynch made flickering lights, ceiling fans, traffic lights, telephones, and basic household items extremely creepy and surreal. And of course, there’re the woods, which host an often dark mythological and spiritual force, and One-Eyed Jacks, the rich-man’s whorehouse. And who can forget the Double R Diner, with Twin Peaks’ most famous staple: pie and coffee.

2. Quotes/Dialogue

“There was a fish in the percolator!”

“She’s dead…wrapped in plastic!”

“Black as midnight on a moonless night.”

“Do your palms ever itch?”

“The owls are not what they seem.”-

“Fire is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke.”

….And there’re plenty more.

3. The Music

Composer Angelo Badalamenti did virtually all of the show’s instrumental music, with Julee Cruise singing the vocals on a few of them (namely the scenes in the Roadhouse). From Audrey’s quirky dance, to the memorable introduction, to the creepy, daunting instrumentals, “Twin Peaks” would not be what it is today without the music (IMO).

4. The Details

One of the perks of “Twin Peaks” is being able to watch it over and over, despite knowing the answer to who killed Laura Palmer. The show is packed with details that you may not catch on your first viewing, or may not think hold importance until you solve the show’s main mystery. As always with Lynch, some of these details do hold clues, not only in regards to Laura’s death, but Lynch’s overall message regarding the White Lodge and Black Lodge, whatever that may be. However, some of them were probably thrown in as simple aesthetics, confusing viewers even more so than intended.

Here are some quirky details I noticed that may or may not hold symbolic value:

– Dr. Jacoby’s coconut and glasses (one lens is red- on his right eye, one lens is blue- on his left eye)

– The ‘firm tree pitch gum’ the Log Lady chews

– The Horne brothers being named Ben & Jerry (the ice cream)- not to mention the ‘E’ on the end of ‘Horne’ (maybe a ploy on the word ‘horny’)

– In several episodes we see Cooper wearing a ring on his pinky finger; Audrey wears a ring on her middle finger

– The Bookhouse Boys’ signal is swiping the right eye; the signal used for One-Eyed Jacks is the left eye.

– There are several instances of hand motions/symbols regarding right and left-hand sides.

– The show is based in a town whose prime business is a woodmill. This mill brings out the corrupt side of several characters, and several people die as a result. In this way, to some, people’s lives are as dispensible as logs.

5. Marilyn Monroe Similarities

The show’s creators initially wanted to do a show based on the novel “Goddess” about Marilyn Monroe, but chose to do “Twin Peaks” instead when they couldn’t get the rights to the book. Laura and Marilyn share many similarities.

(For some reason, the plot here also reminded me of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams).

6. Behind the Scenes

As you may or may not have known, Lynch did not let his cast know who the real killer was till he was forced by the network to reveal the killer’s identity, episodes earlier than when he planned to. Even then, he wrote and filmed several different scripts and scenes so the ‘killers’ in question did not know they were the real killer while filming.

7. The Log Lady

Probably my favorite aspect of the show is the Log Lady. On certain channels (and on the DVD’s), the Log Lady provides telling introductions before each episode, which are essentially riddles- providing subtle clues to viewers as what to look out for in the episode to follow. You can read all of the Log Lady’s introductions here.

8. The Cast/Characters

From the sexy Twin Peaks’ ladies to the Bookhouse Boys to scary Bob, Twin Peaks contains an array of eccentric and memorable characters. Actors Billy Zane, David Duchovny and Molly Shannon also made guest appearances.

9. Soap Opera

With the insertion of the ‘Invitation to Love’ show being watched by several women in Twin Peaks, we are reminded that essentially we’re watching a soap opera. The Jade/Emerald character on the show reminds us of the duel personalities of Laura, as well as the duel nature of Twin Peaks in general.

10. Memorable Scenes

-Maddy being killed

– Leland being lowered on Laura’s Casket

-Shelley and Bobby having a party; Leo falling into the cake

– Pretty much every scene where Leland dances and sings

-Ben Horne’s war hallucinations

– Pretty much every scene in the Black Lodge/Red Room

…And there’re plenty more.

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