Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Reasons to Go Vegetarian in the New Year

A vegetarian or vegan diet is believed to be better by many, as we see the amount of people cutting out some or all animal products from their diet increasing year after year. People go vegetarian for a number of reasons – from animal rights issues to health issues to social issues. So, if you’re considering making the jump, here are 10 excellent reasons to go vegetarian in the new year:

1. To help animals. By becoming a vegetarian (or vegan), you are saving the lives of numerous animals each year that otherwise would have to suffer through an incredibly inhumane life and death.

2. To help people. To keep animals to be used for food alive, an infinite number of water and crops are used, when instead these could be use to nourish the innumerable number of starving people worldwide.

3. To lose weight. A healthy vegetarian diet is much lower in bad fats, so it is very likely that you will see a couple, or even dozens, of pounds come off after taking meat out of your daily diet.

4. To be happier. One of the best reasons to go vegetarian in the new year is that it’s likely that you will feel much happier without consuming all of the toxins found in meat products.

5. To live healthier. Many studies have shown that the chance of getting various illnesses and diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, is reduced in those who have adopted a vegetarian diet.

6. To be more eco-friendly. By now, nearly everyone knows that we need to take some crucial steps to save the earth. However, what many people don’t realize is that by supporting the meat industry, you are supporting an incredible amount of pollution being put into the earth’s atmosphere to keep the industry running.

7. To live longer. Another one of the best reasons to go vegetarian in the new year is to extend your lifespan. Many studies have shown that people who follow a healthy, vegetarian diet live years past their omnivorous counterparts.

8. To save money. With the economy still at a standstill, many people are looking for ways to save money, and with a vegetarian diet you can cut money from your monthly food bill, while upping your vitamin and nutrient intake.

9. To avoid toxic chemicals. Meat is often times loaded with toxic chemicals that are hurting our bodies and our health, so a vegetarian diet is much safer in this regard, as well.

10. To reduce the national debt. Treating diseases and illnesses related to the consumption of meat such as cancer and diabetes, has certainly contributed to the national debt, so going vegetarian in the new year will boost the economy this way, too.

Use these 10 reasons to go vegetarian in the new year to live a healthier, more eco-friendly, and cruelty-free lifestyle.

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