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10 Reasons to Get the Inside Scoop on the Bling Ring

Dateline NBC has often been the go-to show for filling in gaps in NBC’s television show schedule. This Friday, Dateline NBC offers a special featuring an in-depth report on the Bling Ring, the story of a group of Valley teenagers turned renegade who boldly burglarize celebrity’s homes.

If you are blown away by what you see, and you very likely will be, tune in to 20/20 on ABC for another report on the Bling Ring.

Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Audrina Partridge of The Hills, and Paris Hilton are among the young celebrity’s homes robbed by the Bling Ring, who made off with over $3 million in clothes, jewelry, and electronics over the course of a year.

Discover how a group of wealthy, clubbing teens turned into criminals

It seems to have all started when the teens from The Valley started hanging out in the same clubs where young Hollywood celebrities were known to party. Once they observed the lifestyle and belongings openly flaunted, such as jewelry, Rolex watches, and fine fashions, they decided they would go for their fair share.

And while we love TMZ, for their tenacity in tracking down celebs to get the real scoop, find out how the popular website and late night television program played a part in unwittingly assisting the Bling Ring.

Gain insight into how young celebrities live

Based on thefts, we will learn a lot about how these celebrities live. For example, reports that two of the thieves found cocaine at Paris Hilton’s home. Pretty solid evidence about how we thought she was living.

The members of the Bling Ring went ahead and snorted the cocaine, then drove around the Hollywood neighborhood.

Bling Ringers – easy to blame peers and celebrity obsession

Having been exposed to the Hollywood lifestyle, it is a fair assumption that like many adults, the young people in the Hollywood hit gang were celebrity obsessed. With a little smart thinking and knowing how things work around Hollywood, it was an easy step into the celebrities’ homes to help themselves to some celebrity lifestyle.

Learn how the Bling Ring got around celebrity’s security measures

Sure, there were surveillance cameras, but the little gang of high class thieves waited until the celebrity was not home. Then, ABC reports, donning hoodies, which provide cheap, effective concealment from security videos, brazenly entered the homes and made away with all the goodies. At Audrina Partridge’s home, they pulled their hats down low and put on gloves. Even though it was caught on tape, authorities had no clues as to who the thieves were for a long time.

Watch for yourself, on NBC Dateline Friday night, and see video tapes of the audacious burglaries.

Join Dateline NBC’s answer everyone’s question: Why?

According to reports, as the young thieves roll over on each other they tell about their escapades. It began, not as petty larceny, but as obsession with celebrity lifestyle. In an interview with ABC, Nick Prugo, an original Bling Ring member said that in their minds the break-ins were more of a shopping trip than a crime. They were so obsessed with celebrities and celebrity fashion and style they took what they want, especially fashion and accessories, and wore it like it was their own.

Explore the question of where celebrity obsession is taking us

In the case of this young gang of good-looking, wealthy criminals, celebrity obsession is leading them to the slammer. Were they caught up in the same celebrity fascination that keeps us bound to tabloids and websites like TMZ and PopEater, or is there a point at which criminals, including thieves and stalkers break apart from reality and begin to merge their lives with their perception of celebrity reality?

Help prevent your teens from becoming part of a Bling Ring style gang

These teens only expressed remorse once they were caught. They weren’t sorry. They were sorry they got caught. Nick Prugo seems to be enjoying making the rounds talking about the high dollar escapades as if it was a crazy, wild adventure. I’m not sure the concept of humiliation, remorse, or the immorality of their crime has dawned on them.

It has dawned on their parents, who are ashamed and blame themselves for their parenting skills.

Learn what happened when the Bling Ring faced justice

Being brought to court and publicly charged with a crime may cause some to feel contrition, but members of this brassy group were more proud of their heists, than embarrassed or sorry for what they had done.

One of the girls had the brass to wear a necklace stolen from Lindsay Lohan to court, and now that D day is almost here, most of the gang are more than willing to roll over on each other in an attempt to save their own hide.

You’ll be astounded by the teen criminals’ excuses for their crimes

We’ve said before that there appeared to be no remorse, until the click of prison doors began to echo in their nightmares. Now, in addition to rolling over on their “friends,” members of the Bling Ring have concocted reasons for what they did.

Other than considering their crimes a shopping spree, the kids went into the crime spree believing they deserved to have what they wanted, regardless of who owned it. They felt a sense of entitlement.

There was also the thrill of the crime, but it quickly turned into greed as the amount of their thefts began to add up (as much as $3 million within a year).

Then, for those who have no other excuse, you’ll hear the standard excuse: They made me do it. Some are blaming peer pressure.

I’m not so sure it was as much peer pressure as benefits for all their peers, including themselves.

Dateline NBC may open your eyes to the ease of credit fraud

Consider what happens when someone steals your credit card or mine – not much until the we realize it’s missing and cancel the card or until the fraudulent charges show up on our credit card statement. It is probably pretty easy to carry a card in my name into any store and use it. The majority of clerks, though trained differently, do not check the name on the account with the signature on the back.

Clerks in Hollywood obviously do not check the name or look up from their work. They accepted celebrity credit cards carried by a bunch of kids using celebrity credit cards.

Now – Bling Ring goes to trial

Nicholas Prugo, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames, Roy Lopez Jr. and Rachel Lee will all stand trial. Find out some of the gangs real celebrity connections, including a famous Hollywood fence who helped the kids sell the stolen goods they weren’t using and at least one other famous face who helped facilitate the Bling Ring.

Tonight is the night for the full story from Dateline MSNBC at 9pm. Then, catch a different angle of the story on 20/20, on ABC.

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