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10 Reasons Hugh Jackman was a FANTASTIC Oscar Choice

Is Hugh Jackman the BEST choice to host the Oscars? ABSOLUTELY!

1. He’s tall dark and handsome, and what a hunk and a heart-throb!. (Seen him in Kate and Leopold? Australia?)
2. Hugh’s an acclaimed singer and dancer, renowned actor (on stage and film) and a consummate entertainer. He’s delightfully fun to watch.
3. Slumdog Millionaire is a Oscar contender and Hugh sings and dances with the lot dancers from Mumbai. As tall as he is, he has great dance flexibility and dexterity and great posture.
4. Hugh has style, elegance and great sense of timing and entertainment. He sings, dances and charms the audience.
5. Hugh was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 2008, an stage eye candy
6. He’s a third time host for Tony Awards and entertaining to watch (youtube)
7. He’s a change from comedic hosts and their scripted jokes,
8. Love Hugh’s Australian accent, and I hope he falls back on that every so often at the Oscars.
9. Hugh has won Tony, Emmy and other awards and is no stranger to winning and perfect to host the Oscars.
10. He plays the tough guy in X-man, a gay in The Boy from Oz and a love interest in Australia and Kate and Leopold – he’s got the entire population covered.

For the past Oscars, I preferred to read about it or watch online clips without having to sit tediously through the entire show. However, this year for the first time, I actually thought of hosting an Oscar party to enjoy every moment of Hugh’s entertainment.

The article was submitted prior to the Oscars but it was delayed published at a later date.


Review of Hugh Jackman as Host to the 81st Academy Awards

* 36 million watched, 4 million more than last year’s

* Opened with a musical tribute spoofing this year’s best picture nominees (see

* New York Times praised Jackman as a “shrewd, even thrifty choice for a recession-era Oscar night – the hosting equivalent of a value meal.” Hugh is a versatile performer.

Toronto Star complimenting Jackman for providing a “vastly more entertaining [show] than it has been in years”.

* The day after reviews from various talk shows and entertainment television raved Hugh’s hosting.

Less luster review :

* New York Post said that Hugh “performed like a cheesy cruise-ship entertainer to the endless hours of awards to dull men we’ve never heard of categories we don’t care about”

* The Los Angeles Times said it did not care for ‘chorus boy spaz-out” and found it “weird” when he sat on nominee Frank Langella’s lap.’ Weird in Hollywood tongue in cheek humor?

Regardless of public opinions, I enjoyed the entire presentation and looked forward to each of his appearance. I loved the opening musical tribute and his number with Beyonce

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman biography

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