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10 Must-Have Wedding Dance Songs

Weddings are a fantastic opportunity for some dancing and grooving. But how can a person get all the guests out on the floor? By having the ultimate wedding playlist. At my own wedding, I had hours of music for the reception. However, there were definitely core songs that made the guests happy to boogie like none other. I can speak from personal experience that the following list contains more than enough dance-worthy jams to have everyone out and cutting the rug. They are must-haves for every dance party and especially for your wedding reception.

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex – Recorded by a U.S. one-hit wonder band, this song is excellent for getting even reluctant dancers out on the floor. Cotton Eye Joe, recorded in 1994, is a line dance. Line dances are great because no one feels as if he or she sticks out and can relax. Besides, it will add a bit of variety to the usual dance music because it is full of the Down South sound.

September by Earth, Wind & Fire – This 1978 hit is super groovy. It sets me moving as soon as I hear it come on, every single time. Your guests, too, will try out their funkiest moves to this song.

U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer – Yes, this is a very familiar and recognizable song from 1990, but that is for good reason. It is completely ridiculous but so much fun to dance to. Everyone knows Hammer’s particular dance steps, and some wedding guest who is not especially beset by shame will be certain to try them out.

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C & C Music Factory – Another song from 1990, this triumph of a dance hit is a must-have on your playlist. It’s right there in the lyrics: “Everybody dance now!” means that everyone needs to get up and shake it for the world to see.

Let’s Groove by Earth, Wind & Fire – Maybe I shouldn’t have included two songs recorded by the same group, but a person just can’t go wrong with Earth, Wind & Fire. I insist that this 1981 song is necessary for your dance music playlist. It’s simple but very funky and fun. Once again, its lyrics invite your guests to “let this groove get you to move.” A good beat is important, but lyrics that firmly encourage attendees to boogie just add to the sound of your reception.

Funkytown by Lipps Inc – What fantastic dance party does not include some sort of disco? “Funkytown,” from 1980, is so amazing for filling that need. The song has two distinctive sections that pull the listener into dancing. Plus, while some extreme disco tends to alienate modern listeners, this one never goes out of style.

Love Shack by The B-52’s – A person simply cannot have a dance without involving this 1989 hit somewhere in the playlist. Everyone knows the lyrics and will sing along as they dance. Trust me, they will. They simply cannot help themselves.

Move This by Technotronic – Although this is not the most famous song by the Belgian band, I personally believe that it is one of their best. Especially for getting people to rock out, 1989 style. It also will add some variety to the playlist by adding that techno, electronic sound to the other, more pop pieces.

Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths – This song, also from 1989, is another line dance. However, it’s so different from Cotton Eye Joe that it won’t feel overworked by your guests. Still, it has the same benefits. Most people are familiar with the steps, or can learn quickly, and they won’t feel as if they look like freaks. They can be sure that they fit in with the group as they all follow along with the line dance.

Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman – Definitely much older than the other songs on the list, this 1936 swing piece cannot possibly be left out of your dance party. People who love to dance love to show off on good swing music. While I adore a lot of modern revival swing, I tend to prefer songs from the Golden Age of swing. This piece, though, will still be familiar to many of your guests because it is such a fantastic classic.

No matter what other songs you choose to include for your wedding reception, don’t forget to include these ten must-have songs. They will ensure that you have an excellent variety of styles and genres. More importantly, though, they will make sure that all of your guests get out on the floor at some point. It’s your day, but I’m sure you will want all of your guests to enjoy themselves, as well.

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