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10 Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Are Serious Gardeners

My Mother’s Day wish list of gardening needs is about as long as my arm. Since gardening supplies are never available in the winter for Christmas gift giving, we moms have to wait until Mother’s Day to get those wonderful gizmos, gadgets, and gardening bric-a-brac.

Garden tools and supplies have come a long way in the past 30 years, and today’s specialty gardening tools can really simplify those gardening chores. There’s really a fabulous selection of things for the garden, but these are my special picks for a Mother’s Day gift that a gardening Mom would enjoy.

Weatherproof Garden Tote

For the mother who totes her yard supplies around in an old bucket, this neoprene garden tote from the Gardener’s Supply Company ( is a classy way to store and carry small hand tools, seed packets, twine, and garden gloves. The tote measures 12″L x 6.5″ W x 10.25″H and is currently on sale at $19.99. Of course, I’d especially would be pleased if the tote came preloaded with new gloves, seed packets, and a decent garden trowel (since mine is missing, hint, hint, hint.)

Party of Pigs

Yard art really adds something to a low flower bed. These adorable party of pigs are colorful, folk art-ish hand painted steel porkers that measure 12 inches wide and 9 inches high. The complete party of pigs are $49.99 and also available online through the Gardener’s Supply company. This is one of those Mother’s Day gifts that will be enjoyed every time Mom steps out in her garden.

Hori Hori digging knife

The best gardening tool in the universe is the Hori Hori and is the one that I grab first when doing a little yard work. This Japanese digging knife is really a wicked looking 12″ knife with serrations on one side and a sharp edge on the other. The Hori Hori can be used for digging, cutting root balls and burlap, measuring, light pruning and more. The Hori Hori ranges in price from $19.99 to $34.95 and is available at all garden centers. The best of bunch however, is the Hori Hori by Joshua Roth which is currently listed on Amazon at $34.95. This is the model I own and it is really is superior to the rest.

Backpack garden sprayer

My mother-in-law received one of these 10 years ago as a Mother’s Day gift and has appreciated this item every time she has to spray her 400 plus roses. A backpack sprayer is one that straps to the back and allows Mom to spray hundreds of flowers without having to walk back and forth to the garden shed. These come in an assortment of sizes but either the two or three gallon version would probably be the best for Mom. Backpack garden sprayers are available at almost all gardening centers and seem to range in price between $25-$40.

Garden clogs

Garden clogs are slide on rubber clogs that look a little bit like those wildly popular kids crocs. These study garden shoes are easy for Mom to put on for a quick dash out to the yard when the dew is still heavy on the ground. They are also incredibly practical when stomping around flower beds and wash off clean as a whistle. Garden clogs can be found in all centering centers. Specialty nurseries seem to carry the premium brands which are priced between $30-50, with discount garden centers offering more modest lines priced between $20-30.

Rubber Irrigation boots

When I was a kid, my parents bought each of us kids a new pair of La Crosse rubber boots ever summer. These rubber irrigation boots are water tight and fabulous for working in compost heaps, turning over the vegetable garden, or walking through long, wet grass. Cabela’s offers an 18″ insulated La Crosse burly boot for $59.95. The best boot bargains however are still to be found at the old farm stores where a basic La Crosse can be purchased for $25 and less. It’s an odd little gift but one that is incredibly practical and will be very much appreciated.

Bypass pruner

For moms who have lots of roses or flowering shrubs, a bypass pruner is a professional grade pruner than can cut through branches up to one inches thick. It has high carbon, sword-steel blades, self oiling center bolt, precision spring, and grip proof handles. The bypass pruner is currently on sale for $31 at Smith & Hawken at

Self watering window boxes

For those of us who like to place window boxes in hard to reach places, this 31″ waterless window box from Gardener’s Supply house has huge water reservoirs that keep the soil moist. An easy to read indicator tells you when the window box needs watering. These window boxes come in 4 different colors and are affordable priced at $34.95. I can see pairing up this gift with a bag of potting mix and several pony packs of Mom’s favorite flowers.

Vermont Garden Cart

Moms who do a lot of carrying around the yard might also appreciate a garden cart. This two wheeled tip carts are handcrafted in Vermont and can handle heavy loads with little effort. These garden carts range from $139 for the small carts and up to $209.00 for the large cart. These carts are available at

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