Saturday, December 31, 2016

10 Inexpensive Gifts for Women

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year trying to find the cash to buy presents for everyone on your list without breaking your budget. There are many things that you can get that will be inexpensive but women will love.

1. Gift Certificate for personal care so that she can pamper herself: These can be getting your nails done to tanning bed time. If you get a gift certificate for places like a department store more than likely it would be used on the family. Make sure you get a Gift Certificate for something that would be just for her.

2. A Journal – Everyone loves a journal to write their thoughts. Get a nice pen so that she can use to write in her journal daily. She will not only enjoy writing in the journal daily but also rereading it throughout the year. If the journal has dates in it, write on those dates so that when she gets to that date she will know that you remembered it.

3. Personal Calendar with family photos, or photos to make her smile daily. These are easy to create and she will love it. When she looks at it daily to check her schedule she will enjoy it.

4. Scrapbook starting kit. Everything that she would need to start a personal scrapbook of her life. This is a great and fun way to organize photos.

5. Bubble bath and Wine basket: Include the wine, the book and the glass so that she can relax in the tub and have some time to herself. In the gift basket you can add stuff for her to do a pedicure and a manicure. Include things that she will be able to pamper herself.

6. A CD of her favorite music. You can even make this yourself choosing only her favorite songs to include on the CD.

7. Her favorite Movie on DVD, if it’s a sad movie include tissues, you can also make this a basket, giving her wine, and wine glasses and snacks.

8. Her favorite song, poem printed out on fancy paper and framed.

9. Purse size digital camera so that she never misses those important shots that just can’t be captured with a cell phone camera.

10. A Gift Certificate for her favorite restaurant along with a coupon of someone to babysit so she can enjoy the night out with another adult.

Getting great presents doesn’t have to be expensive but they should be thoughtful enough so that the person receiving the gift enjoys it.

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