Sunday, November 27, 2016

100th Day School Activities

Reaching the 100th day of school is a big milestone for both teachers and students. It’s a particularly big event for younger students. A lot of these school students are still learning how to count to 100, so reaching the 100th day of school should be a day full of fun activities and celebration. Celebrating the 100th day should not only be educational, but also fun. Consider any of the four activities below and your students will have a great time whiles learning something in the process.

100th Day School Activities: Art

One of the many great activities for the 100th day of school is to make an art project celebrating it. This can easily be done by giving your students a bottle of glue, a sheet of colored paper, and a hundred small objects. You can use macaroni noodles, leaves, cheerios, fruit loops, pennies, confetti, grass, or anything else you can find lying around.

For kindergarten students who are still having trouble counting, you may want to count out a hundred pieces for them and place them in a small paper cup. You can then give the students a cup, glue, paper, and let their creativity shine.

These activities for the 100th day of school don’t have to be the same object either. For example, you can fill a paper cup with 25 fruit loops, 25 noodles, 25 cheerios, and 25 pennies. You can use this as the perfect opportunity to teach young children about adding and counting by 25s.

100th Day School Activities: Math

Another one of the many activities for the 100th day of school is to challenge your students to do a hundred math problems. This school challenge was originally inspired by Dan Gutman’s book, “Mr. Klutz Is Nuts!“. In the book, the principal of the school challenges all the students to do a million math problems before fall break. If they succeed, the whole school gets a chocolate party!

These Activities can be easily adapted to fit the 100th day of school celebration. Instead of one million, challenge your students to complete a hundred math problems in one day. If they can do it, offer them a fun reward. Whether it’s a chocolate party, pizza party, or no homework for a week, even kids who hate math will be eager to reach the goal.

100th Day School Activities: Spelling

If you’re looking for activities that involve spelling, challenge your students to write a hundred words in honor of the 100th day of school. Invite them up to your white board and allow them each to write three or four words they know how to spell. Students will love that they’re able to write on the white board and also show off what they know. Depending on your classroom size, if each student can come up with a few different words, you’ll reach a hundred spelling words in no time!

100th Day School Activities: Reading

If you have any old magazines lying around, consider using them for fun 100th day of school activities. Pass the magazines out to your students along with some glue and scissors. Challenge them to find, cut out, and glue a hundred words they can read on their own.

If you don’t have any old magazines lying around, that can be turned into fun activities for the 100th day of school too. Send home a letter to your students parents a week before the 100th day of school. Tell them that you’re trying to collect a hundred magazines in honor of the 100th school day. If they can collect that many magazines, offer a fun reward, like no homework for a week. The children will love it and so will their parents.

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