Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10 Ways to Spot a Loser

These handy tips will help you effectively spot a loser and save yourself tons of time:

10. They don’t work, but they need to for their family or themselves, and are completely ABLE to (you know, voluntary welfare peeps)… Or worse, they show up and do absolutely nothing. Nothing at all…

9. They are always bumming: “Oh, MY GAWD! Do you have any gum? Do you have a quarter? Do you have any lotion?” These people are among my least favorite! I will have a purseful and say no. If I don’t offer it to you, go with “No.” :-)

8. They have not seen a shower in a while and have the means. I may forget what people look like or even their name, but if they stink, it is forever seared into my memory as they breeze by me.

7. They will pay nearly full retail price for a knockoff handbag. I’ve seen this. They will save $20.00 to look like they have something they never had to begin with- including common sense. Just say no!

6. Teenagers with jeans signed by their friends. Trust me, no one knows and no one cares. You look silly! Stop!

5. People who rush out to buy every American Idol-branded CD/iTunes/whatever. Equally annoying are those that jump on the bandwagon of every new trend in the mass market. Twilight, Taylor Swift, etc. I didn’t like her music before Kanye’s scene, and I still don’t. He changed nothing about that for me! She has a nice voice; it’s just not something I like. There’s a reason they are marketing it toward emotional teens. They are volatile creatures. Are you? Tip: If Ryan Seacrest loves it, well, that’s reason enough for me to stop in my tracks. “Seacrest-out!” Indeed.

4. People who are still illegally downloading music. Seriously. The quality difference should be enough of a deterrent to persuade you to let go of that 99 cents. There used to be almost no songs available for legal download. There is no excuse now! You do not want scared record companies sending the popo to your house, do you? lolz.

3. If they collect friends for things they need, without compensating them at all. I know people who use others for rides to work, for money, for their phone. It’s amazing. When you find these, or hear of them, RUN!

2. If they cattily make fun of you thinking it’s okay. I hate people like this. Just don’t talk to me! Is your life really that sad that you have to even bother making the effort? Go away.

1. If they are on People of Wal-Mart. That’s a definite… And please feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment below. Suggestions are always welcome!


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