Monday, November 28, 2016

10 Ways to Say I Love You, Without Saying a Word

Whether you have been married for years, or you are just starting out in a relationship adventure, romance is vital. It is common for those involved in a relationship, especially long-term, to be overtaken in the day-to-day of life. When this happens, loved ones get pushed to the back burner. Here are 10 simple and easy ideas you can use every day to remind your significant other that your love for them is more than just words.

1- Invite your loved one to a romantic dinner. As they are finishing their preperations, sneak outside with your camera. When your significant other emerges from the house , pretend you are a reporter, and they are the hot new celebrity. Go crazy snapping photographs of them. Take as many as you can, while calling out questions, and making comments just like a real reporter would. This is sure to bring a smile to both your faces, and you will gain many great photos of your love!

2- Go to your local superstore and purchase a few packages of glow in the dark stars. While your significant other is out of the house, arrange the stars on the ceiling above the bed. Spell out a message as simply as “I love you”, or use a phrase that is special to you both. Your love will get a special message when they go to bed that night!

3- When your loved one has a holiday, birthday, or anniversary that is approaching, go to the store and purchase a charm bracelet. Remove all of the charms, and place each one in a small gift box or decorative envelope. On the days leading up to the special occasion, leave one gift box each day in a spot where your loved one will find it. On the holiday/birthday/anniversary, invite your love out to dinner and gift him/her with the bracelet.

4- Purchase 11 real roses, and 1 fake rose. Have them delivered to your loved on at work. Include a note saying “I will love you until the last petal falls.”

5- If you are going out of town, tell your loved one that you are very concerned for their safety, and that you have arranged for a bodyguard to protect them in your absence. Then gift your loved one with a unique stuffed animal or teddy bear . (To go the extra mile with this, spray the stuffed animal with your cologne or perfume)

6- Say thank you for something your loved one has done, that normally would have been overlooked. Whether its that they took out the trash, or made you dinner, place a hand written note somewhere they are sure to find it.

7- Remember that what you say will come back to you. Make it a point the next time you are out with friends, without your loved one, to brag about how wonderful they are. Someone will repeat it back to your significant other, and they will be thrilled that you have said good things about them.

8- Try your hand at poetry; it isn’t as hard as you may think. Your poem doesn’t have to be serious either. You can right something that is funny, while still expressing your love for them. Write about a personality trait, a feature, or something they have done for you. When you are finished, singe the edges of the paper, and either roll into a scroll tied with ribbon, or place in a cute picture frame.

9- Purchase washable soaps, or washable bath paints, and write a steamy message on the shower wall. Suggest a nice relaxing bath for your loved one after a long day. They will enjoy their tub time even more!

10- Embrace your inner child. Draw a child-like picture for your significant other. Include a sun with a funny face, a tree, and some flowers in all colors. Add two stick figures with arrows pointing to them, labeling them with your names. Draw a heart around or between them. In very large letters, write “I love you”. Mail it to your significant other at their work.

These ideas are simple, and will only take a minimal of your time, but will have far reaching results with your loved one. Use as many as you would like; your relationship will only be enhanced by your efforts!


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