Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentines Day

While Valentines Day may seem more like singles’ awareness day to those flying solo, it is actually the perfect day to treat yourself to a little bit of self love. While couples are out enjoying cheesy dinners and romantic comedies, why not take some time out to relax and pamper yourself? Here are 10 ways to love and treat yourself this Valentines Day.

1. Sensual Massage
Have someone help you ease away the stress of being alone on Valentines Day. Book yourself a one hour deep tissue or full body massage and simply relax and indulge.

2. Dinner and a Movie
Instead of going out for a casual dinner and a movie by yourself, order takeout from a restaurant you have been dying to try. Break out your fine china and relax in front of your TV as you watch the latest DVD release.

3. Spa Night
Turn your bathroom into a full service spa and pamper yourself from head to toe. Treat yourself to a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. Finish the night off with a glass of wine and a soothing bath alongside scented candles and bath soak.

4. Sex Toys
Browse the aisles at your local adult store and splurge on one or two toys you have always wanted. Set the mood at home with an adult video, relaxing music, or scented candles.

5. Retail Therapy
Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a brand new purse or a pair of shoes? Take the afternoon off to visit the mall and indulge in some retail therapy. Buy yourself something you wouldn’t purchase any other day, such as a diamond necklace, an expensive bra or a designer cologne.

6. Singles Party
Get all of your other single friends together to celebrate the liberation of being, well, single! Invite everyone over for dinner, dancing, cocktails and games.

7. Day Trip
Treat yourself to a mini getaway by taking a day trip to a vacation spot within your state, such as the mountains, the hot springs or the beach. Book a one night stay at a chic hotel or bed and breakfast and let the hotel staff take care of you.

8. Take a Class
Have you always wanted to learn the art of bhangra dancing or how to make French cuisine? Take a class on something you have always wanted to know how to do, whether it be pole dancing, candle making or conversational Italian and spend the evening practicing your new skills.

9. Relax and Read
Purchase a hot new read by a best-selling romance author and hit the sheets solo. Settle down in your favorite lingerie and pour yourself a glass of fine wine as you read.

10. Let Loose
Get dressed up in your sexiest outfit, get your hair and nails done and head out to the hottest night club in town. Not only will you feel confident, sexy and great about yourself, you will get to spend the evening dancing and having fun with other singles.


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