Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10 Ways to Keep Your Cats Healthy and Cool in the Heat

I have two cats and always worry about them in the summer. I never know if they are cool enough. I can’t take them for a dip in the pool and they are stuck with one furry outfit. Here are 10 things I found to make them as comfortable as possible.

1. Fill their bowls

Make sure that your cat has plenty of water. Just like humans, pets need an increase in fluids when the temperature rises.

2. Water cooler

Make sure that the water you supply your kitty is cool all day long. Some ways do this include putting ice cubes in their water bowls or using an electronic water fountain that provides cool filtered water.

3. Shady living

Outdoor cats are usually good about finding cool, shady spots to lie in. You can try to provide some of those spots close to home with large, shady plants or tree.

4. Cool it down

Purina says indoor cats do their best to find cooler spots, like on tile floors or near drafty windows. Try to use an air conditioner, fans or open the windows while you’re home. When you’re not home, leave fans on if possible.

5. Batten down the hatches

If you live in a home or building that has more than one story, make sure that all your windows are secure. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that many cats get injured from falling out of upper-story windows, which is also called “high-rise syndrome.”

6. Sunblock??

If you have a white cat, you may need to apply sunblock to their ears and nose. According to Kassidy Emmerson, white cats sunburn very easily. You can prevent this by restricting their sunbathing or applying sunscreen.

7. Too hot to handle

I know from personal experience that barbeques can be all too tempting for a feline. One cat I had growing up burned his paw pads jumping on a grill to get that yummy chicken. If you have an outdoor cat or a sneaky indoor one, make sure to keep a lid on your BBQ pit.

8. This little kitty stayed home

Traveling with a cat is usually a difficult task. Keep your cat at home unless absolutely necessary. All About Dogs and Cats cautions you not to leave your cat in the car. Within minutes, a car can reach temperatures dangerous for Mr. Whiskers.

9. Flee flea

It’s hard enough staying cool on a hot day. Having fleas, tick or mites biting you must make it impossible. Keep your cat pest free so they don’t have to make themselves hot scratching all day.

10. Know the signs

Read up on the signs for heatstroke and what you should do to help your cat.


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