Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10 Ways to Help Homeless Dogs

We would take in all the stray homeless dogs we find if we could. We can’t, but we can help the animal shelters and dog rescue groups that do by doing some or all of these ten things that will help homeless dogs.

Buy a Bed

Most animal shelters prefer to use a specific bed type for their homeless dogs and can always use new beds. Visit your local shelter to discover what type of bed is needed and buy a homeless dog a bed.

Collect Linens

With a full house and a steady stream of homeless visitors, there is always a need for gently used towels, blankets and sheets at shelters and rescue facilities. Networks with family and friends and gather up old linens from your closest and theirs to donate. Scour thrift shops and flea markets to find bargain linens to donate to homeless dogs too.

Recycle Old Toys

Even homeless dogs get bored with the same old toys, so recycle unused toys from your dog’s box or kids toy box (Frisbees, balls, etc.) to an animal shelter. Wash cloth toys in the washer and plastic toys in the dishwasher before donating.

Clip Food Coupons

The Sunday paper usually contains cents off coupons for dog food and treats. Clip them and donate to a local shelter or better yet, wait until the items go on sale and purchase them with the cents-off coupons and donate the dog food to the animal shelter.

Walk the Dog

Homeless dogs that are confined to animal shelters awaiting adoption rarely get enough exercise. This causes them to be overly excited when a potential adoptive parent comes for a visit and the needed connection between human and dog is not made and the dog remains homeless. Volunteer to walk a few homeless dogs in your spare time each week.

Improve Dog Manners

A well-behaved, command obedient dog will usually be adopted before an unruly dog. Spend a little time teaching an old dog a few new tricks in the manners department so he or she will have a greater chance of being adopted.

Foster a Homeless Dog

If you don’t have time to go to the dog, bring the dog to you. Consider sharing your home space and fostering a dog until a permanent home can be found.

Raise Money

If you don’t have time or money to help out with a homeless dog, can you do something to raise money for an animal shelter? A neighborhood dog wash, dog walk or doggie talent show can raise much needed money to help a local animal shelter.

Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs go together, so enlist the aid of your kids to raise money to help a homeless dog. A kid’s penny drive done through their school class, ball team or Sunday School class can raise enough money to purchase a week’s supply of dog food at an animal shelter or rescue facility.

Blog About It

Harness the power of the internet blog and shine a spotlight on a different homeless dog each week in your blog. Include information about the animal shelter facility, their immediate needs and any upcoming fund raising events.


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