Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10 Ways to Hear What God is Saying to You

Have you ever wondered what God is saying to you? Many people feel as if they can’t hear God and as a result they walk around aimless, clueless, and lost. You can tell people that know they’ve heard God because they’re doing what He said to do. Some hear and are in denial of what He said, so they act as if they’re deaf and need clarity. There are those people that are new to hearing the voice of God and actually want to know how you do it. Let me help you with these few steps:

1. Learn to listen to God through instinct

Sometimes instinct is God’s way of telling you something. If you sense you should do a thing, then you should probably do that thing, as long as that thing lines up with Scripture. You may be out running errands and you believe you should take a different route home… that can be God telling you to take another route home instead of the normal way. Even if you don’t see any tangible construction or danger ahead, sometimes it’s good to follow your instinct.

2. Learn to listen to God through the Scripture

The Scripture is what God has already said. He’s not going to say anything that’s contrary to what He has said previously. God is not schizophrenic, hypocritical or confused. He is true to the things He’s said before, and will say them again if need be.

3. Learn to listen to God through prayer

Prayer is communication with God. You talk to God, and God talking to you. You have to make time for Him to talk to you. Often times we talk to God and dump our requests on Him and then go about our business and God is ready to say something back to us. You don’t talk to anyone else like that, so give Him the courtesy of speaking as well.

4. Learn to listen to God through nature

God made the earth and everything in it. It has the ability to speak to us in a way that people cannot. God’s creation speaks of power and might and stability and many other attributes. Sometimes it’s great to just take a trip to a place where you know you’ll get peace and quiet and reflect and enjoy nature. You can look out into the ocean and get answers to some of life’s hardest questions without asking a thing.

5. Learn to listen to God through observation

Watch the world around you and you will see what God is saying. As you’re watching, follow tip #3 and pray about what you see. It’s not always about what’s on the surface but there’s usually an underlying thing God wants you to notice, especially if you see a trend happening. God operates in patterns, so be aware of patterns going on around you, whether it’s good or bad… God may be trying to tell you something.

6. Learn to listen to God through other people

Sometimes God uses other people to talk to you. It may not be deep or revelatory or even profound, but something you hear may trigger a chain of thoughts that helps you in some profound way. This is another reason why you shouldn’t tune people out when they’re talking to you. Learn to pay attention even to the most annoying or obnoxious of people, they may be the person God is talking to you through.

7. Learn to listen to God through your thoughts

Sometimes your thoughts are God talking to you. If your thoughts do not line up with what God has said in Scripture then this is not the case. That’s why it’s important to be knowledgeable of Scripture, to be able to tell what’s Him and what’s not. So much gets placed in your mind on a daily basis that it takes someone well-able to sort out the other voices to tell which one is His. People are often confused about their thoughts – if it’s them, the devil, or God. What God would say would not go against anything He has already said, remember that. Learn how to sort through the inner voices; it will make it much easier to recognize His voice.

8. Learn to listen to God through your dreams

Sometimes your dreams are where God talks to you through. It’s good to have pen and paper in case this is the avenue God chooses to talk to you through. There are times when you’re so groggy the next morning that you may not even remember the dream. When possible if you believe you’ve heard God speak to you through the night, the first thing you do is to write it down when you get up. Not all dreams are from God, but some might be. Trust your instinct with this (tip #1).

9. Learn to listen to God through children

Children have the purest form of expression and are usually the most honest people you’ll ever meet. I’ve had children say things that blew my mind and really made me think about things. Sometimes I even hear God in my child and he’s not even two years old yet. It may just be as simple as, “lighten up and have some fun man! You are too stressed out and you’re missing out on life.”

10. Learn to listen to God through what you’re saying

This one has happened to me many times. Sometimes you’re talking to someone else, and then you say something that catches you off guard. Has that ever happened to you? Where you said something so profound it amazed even you? You and the person you’re talking to are just sitting there like, “whoa, say that again!” And you wish you had it on tape somewhere so you could replay it exactly. Learn to listen to your own words, because at times what God is trying to say to you… the thing you’ve been praying about and wanting answers for… that still small voice that you need to hear… is coming out of your own mouth when you least expect it.


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