Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10 Ways Mother Nature Can Heal Sunburns

After what appeared to be an endless month of cold weather and barely enough warmth, we can hardly wait to get our bodies back out into the warming rays of sun. Almost all of us will find our bodies sunburned at one point or the other, and most of us suffer from mild to heavy sunburn at least once in the beginning of the sunning seasons. If you are tired of using chemical products to aid your body in return to its “painless” state or are just a natural-remedies lover all the way, I hope you will enjoy the following 10 natural remedies for sunburns.

Got Milk?
Our first remedy is not only delicious and refreshing to drink, but is a great soothing aid for sunburn. The vitamins and minerals in milk help your skin regain some of the elasticity you loose (the tight feeling in your skin). For you to make use of this wonderful remedy make sure the milk is cool to room temperature and soak a piece of gauze in the milk. Apply the milk soaked gauze to the sunburned area and leave it on for about 20 min. Milk will give your skin”sour milk” smell afterwards, so please be certain to rinse your skin carefully with water. Use this remedy about every 2 hours until the worth is over.

Eat extra Vitamin E foods to help speed healing.

Vitamin E is a wonderful aid in helping your body fight inflammation and when you are dealing with sun burn your body is sure to enjoy any help it can get. This is an internal remedy to help against the pain associated with the burn. Reaching for Vitamin E supplements may seem like a lot easier course to take, but I suggest you stick with healthy Vitamin E rich foods instead. If you are opting for the Supplements, make certain that they are all natural. For Vitamin E rich foods take a look at: wheat germs, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, peanut butter …
(Further interesting Source information on Vitamin E: http://www.feinberg.northwestern.edu/nutrition/factsheets/vitamin-e.html)

Be diluted by Vinegar!
A Kitchen Cabinet Stable to the rescue in your fight against Sunburn. Soak your sunburned body in a diluted mixture of 1 cup of white cider vinegar and a tub full of tepid water to feel relieve from the burning. Enjoy a nice leisurely soak in this very soothing mixture. (Cheap too!)

Not just a baking and breakfast item!
Grandma always told you about oatmeal against poison ivy, but did she mention that oatmeal can also help you with a sunburn? Just generously sprinkle oatmeal into a piece of gauze and let water run through it. Put the mixture with the gauze on the infected area and let sit for about 20min. Rinse and redo every 2 to 4 hours. (No baking required)

Water the essence of life!
I know you knew that one was coming and if you are like many people all over the world you would rather wash with it then drink it, but when you have suffered sunburn you need to make certain to stay hydrated. Remember that many of our nicer tasting drinks like iced tea, soda, coffee etc are diuretics as well, so please decrease them and drink extra water instead. Give your body a helping dose of water!

You are so tasty baby!
This almost sounds like a recipe to an afternoon snack, but this little tasty mixture will help you sooth your sunburn. Mix yogurt, turmeric and barley and barely together and spread carefully and evenly over the sunburned Area. Leave it on for about 20min and then rinse it off with cool water. Apply repeatedly every 2 to 4 hours as needed.

Tomato Juice and Buttermilk skin smoothie
The soothing properties of Buttermilk and the slightly healing renewing ones of Tomato juice make this a good mixture to use. Mix it 1 part Tomato Juice to 6 parts buttermilk and apply to the afflicted Area. Rub it on carefully and let it sit for about 20min before rinsing it carefully.

Lettuce Water anyone?
No longer just for eating. Did you know that if you boil Lettuce for and strain the water it makes a wonderful soothing tonic for your sunburned skin? Give it a try. Let the Lettuce Water cool down to room temperature and then apply with a cotton ball.

The Essential Oil that leaves you smelling pretty and less pained!

Not only does it work wonders for your spirits, calming you and making your smell wonderfully, but it will also help you reduce the sting and pain on the sunburn affected area. I am talking about Lavender essential Oil. You can purchase this wonderful essential oil in any health food store or at any alternative medicine supplier.

A facial specific combination
This combination is perfect not only for your sensitive facial areas during those bad sunburn days, but also for those days when you need extra moisture!
A mixture of wheat flour, honey, olive oil and milk well blended and applied like a facial mask over your face. Let is sit for a while and then remove gently with water and soft cloth. Very lovely and will help you remove the sting of the burn.

Each of these natural remedies has been around for many years and is well documented in various alternative medicine books and online libraries. If you would like to find further information you may wish to take a look at my references for this Article.

Medicinal applications may need to be used in case of extreme sunburns or sun poisoning, but in most cases time and some of these remedies will do the trick. Returning back to nature is wonderful path to take for those of you who love saving money, keeping it simple and enjoy nature for all its good offerings.




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