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3 Simple KEYS to Creating an Explosive "Online Business"

Much study is being done by millions on how to create a successful online business, on how to start an internet business, on how to have a home internet business, on how to create passive income online, on how to have an online home business, on how to have an online business, and so on.

However, there are so many pieces required to create an explosive online business. Unfortunately, these pieces of information are all not found in one place. So, to a person who wants to set up an internet business, this information is overwhelming, and even understanding where and how to start off is confusing.

Often people are frozen into inaction since they are faced with “analysis paralysis.” They don’t know how to make sense of all this vast pieces of information. They get paralyzed with not knowing how to analyse the overwhelming pieces of information so that they can get started on their business.

What we need is a SIMPLE way to understand all this. So that we don’t get paralyzed. So that we can start taking small steps to go forward. So that we can understand the BIG picture of the online business. And at the same time we can get started by taking the SMALL steps required to get into explosive growth mode.

To help in this, I have “distilled” all the seemingly complex pieces of information into a simple 3-key online business success model, with all pieces in a single location.

The 3 keys of the 3-Key Online Business Success Model are:

Key-1: Knowledge

An understanding of how online business works, and how and where the money is actually made. What are the pieces? How do they fit together?

Key-2: Skills

The skills required to set up this internet business. These include technical skills and marketing skills. Some of the work requiring these skills can be outsourced.

Key-3: Attitude

This key is often forgotten. Without a proper attitude, without a proper mindset, having and using the knowledge and skills will not give the expected results. One needs a “millionaire” mindset to have explosive success.

You need to have each of these 3 keys to unlock your success in your internet business. Let us look at each of these keys in a little more detail.

Key-1: KNOWLEDGE of How an Online Business Makes Money

We need to understand where and how the money is made in an internet business. A simple view of the online business model is as follows:

a) Niche

Find a niche area that has a balance of high volume of interest and high paying capacity. Then create a webpage that focuses on this niche.

b) Traffic

Get targeted visitors (traffic) to this webpage. This is done using methods such as article marketing, search engine optimization, social marketing, video marketing, joint ventures, blogging, and so on.

c) List

When traffic comes to your website, capture their email id in exchange for something of value to them, such as a free valuable report or a free valuable newsletter. A collection of such email addresses is referred to as the LIST. And as anybody in the online business knows, the money is in the list.

d) Products

You then introduce your list to products that will be of use to them (i.e., products in the niche area). The products can be of two types:

i) Affiliate Products:

These are products belonging to others that will be useful to your list, and will provide your affiliate commission for every product bought through you.

ii) Own Products:

These are your own products that will be useful to your list. Note that it is not necessary for you to have your own products to start an online business. You can start with affiliate products, and if you feel so inclined, may create your own products later.

e) $ale

A percentage of your list would purchase the products you introduce to them. And this sale is where you make the money, through affiliate commissions for the affiliate products, or the entire sale amount for your products, bought by your list.

Key-2: SKILLS Required to Setup and Run an Online Business

Now that we understand the pieces that fit together to make money through an internet business, let us see what sort of skills are required to set up and run this business. Note that some of these can be outsourced once we understand what the skills are. The skills can be categorized as technical skills and marketing skills.

a) Technical Skills

* Purchasing a domain name
* Hosting the domain
* Creating a webpage
* Uploading the webpage
* Configuring a list capturing mechanism
* Setting up automated mails
* and so on…

b) Marketing Skills

* Writing good copy (good headlines, good emails, good web page content, …)
* Article marketing
* Social marketing
* Video marketing
* Joint ventures
* Blogging
* and so on …

Key-3: ATTITUDE Required for an Explosive Online Business

“You get what you expect” is a quotation that I have found to be exceptionally true. In a way, our success is in our mind. It all starts in the mind. We need to expect success in our lives. It requires a mindset.

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” We need a millionaire mindset, that helps us to think that we can, believe we can, and a mindset that gets us to set goals, take action on the goals, follow through, never give up, and resiliently rise from our failures and at the same time learn the required lessons, till we make it.

And remember, you need to have each of these 3 keys to unlock your success in your internet business.

To receive FREE and much more detailed, simple step-by-step information on each of these keys (and sub-keys) to have and explosive online business described in this article, please sign up for free at

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3 Shocking Reasons Women Want Bigger Boobs

Some women wonder how it feels to be big-breasted like Hollywood Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson or American Pie’s former star, Tara Reid. A lot of women yearn to have bigger breasts for a variety of reasons. The growing trend of Hollywood celebrities signing on for breast augmentation is a testament to women’s longing to have bigger breasts.

We come up to three main reasons why ladies want to go under the knife and have their breasts enhanced: to counteract their discontentment on their physical attributes, to increment their ego and faith in oneself, and to be a man’s object of desire.

Majority of women tend to be not thankful enough for their breast size. Seeing Posh Spice on the front page of Vogue with huge breasts make them feel inferior with their cup A breast size. Flat chest would not appear seductive as a bigger breast would when if one intends to wear a plunging neck line. Wearing a bikini or even a tankini is something that they would never dare. In short, women would love to have fuller breasts so they can appear lovely on any dress and they could get all the praise.

Vanity magazines and big screen hit movies appear to affect how why women want to have bigger breasts as models and actresses get all the compliments of being sexy, ravishing and tempting. A flat chested woman then becomes the center of ridicule and mockery that she can be mistaken as a man for her appearance. This then leaves them with feelings of low self-esteem and they would even degrade their self-worth. To escape from these insecurities, women appeal to go under the knife just so they could increase their confidence.

Several men adore women who possess bigger breast compared to those who are flat chested. They tend to find it as a great asset that is worthy of wonderful appraisal. Big-breasted women become a man’s object of desire. They appear to bring about beauty, glamour, and pulchritude. Although not all men fall for bigger breasts as real beauty is skin deep, women still opt for bigger and fuller breast size that would make them appear as sexy like a movie celeb or pin-up models whose bosoms appear to be the center of attention.

If you believe that breast augmentation could truly enhance your aesthetic beauty, you need to consider a few questions before going under the knife. Are you aware of the associated risks and complications of breast surgery? Do you know that natural methods may be done to increase you breast size naturally? Search, look, and do not rest on one option alone for you might find answers that won’t be as life-threatening and costly like breast augmentation.

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3 Sequels to Watch During the Summer

Want to know what upcoming movies are to be released in June, during the school holidays break and what shows you can bring your family and friends to? It seems to be the popular time for some very successful, and profitable, sequels released during the summer. Here are some must-watch movies:

Men in Black III
It’s been a while since we witnessed the return of Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) to the big screens. The last in the Men in Black movie series, Men in Black II, was released almost a decade ago in 2002. Perhaps it was the perplexing plot that took some time for the producers to perfect where Agents J travels back in time to save the good of humanity and his partner’s life, and in the midst of doing so, unravels secrets he isn’t supposed to see. How will this sequel turn out in the face of two already successful prequels?
Men in Black 3 opens in cinemas on 24 May 2012.

Madagascar III
Looking for a movie suitable and appropriate for the family? Madagascar returns with a third sequel to the highly popular animated series which have generated much hype even before the earlier movies have hit the screens. There is even a theme park in Singapore modeled after the show.

Now, the question is, where will the furry characters of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe be this time after they got lost in Madagascar and Africa in the previous two sequels? How will they disguise themselves in the urban cities of Europe and make their way back to home?
Madagascar 3 opens in cinemas on 7 June 2012.

Ice Age 4
Remember the first scene in Ice Age where the squirrel opens the movie with its chasing of a silly acorn that always seem to fall out of its hands even as he tries his best to hold on to it? Well, Ice Age 4 is modeled after that scene which many thought to be insignificant. Anyway, who would have thought Mr. Squirrel would spark a sequel just as he released tons of water unknowingly as he climbed up the ice to collect his acorn atop a ice mountain in the first movie?

With Diego, Manny and the comic character of Sid reuniting once more, what did Mr. Squirrel do to cause unexpectedly mind-blowing circumstances and reunite an unlikely trio in a thrilling adventure?
Ice Age 4 opens in cinemas on 12 July 2012.

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3 Secrets to Getting that Perfect Haircut

Think of your hair appointment like an important business meeting. In a business meeting, you prepare your research and notes to discuss in the meeting. This should be no different when preparing for your hair appointment with your hair stylist. Prepping beforehand allows your hair stylist to spend more time crafting your perfect haircut.

That perfect haircut is easier to attain than you think. First, find the right stylist for you. Once you have a hair stylist that you like and can work with, follow these three tips to help you achieve that haircut you love.

Look for photos of haircuts you like

Just like the old cliche, pictures are worth a thousand words. It can be difficult to explain to your stylist how you’d want your hair to look like. It can be difficult for your hair stylist to understand what look you are trying to explain! Look for photos in hairstyle and celebrity gossip magazines, scour the web with online searches for hairstyles and print them out. Take pictures of someone you know with a hairstyle or cut you like. But be realistic though. Look for styles similar to your hair type and possible length. Give yourself the time to do hair photo search two weeks prior to your hair appointment.

Hair dos and hair donts

Communication is key – even with your hair stylist. When you’re sitting in that salon chair, with your hair stylist standing behind you, both of you looking at your hair in the mirror together, show your hair photos and discuss in great detail of what you’d like to have done. For instance, I show my stylist the same pictures every time I get my haircut: the “this is what I what my hair to look like” now and the “this is what I want it to look like when my hair grows out” pictures. She knows exactly the length and type of layers to tackle with my new cut. A picture will give your hair stylist the greatest clarification of the look you’re going for.

Keep an open mind

Let’s say you’ve showed your stylist your dream haircut photos, discussed the particulars on length and such, but your hair stylist doesn’t agree. Listen to your hair stylist! He or she has professional insight as to why a cut may be good or not good for you. The last thing your stylist wants to do is send you to a land of haircut remorse, and watch you undergo a breakdown because you really didn’t want your hair cut in a style that short. Just like in a marriage or relationship, a compromise between you and your hair stylist should ensue.

After doing your haircut homework, you will keep your stylist well informed to do their job well, and with the end result of a beautiful cut and style. Doing a little haircut legwork for your perfect haircut will make for a happy relationship with you and your hair stylist.

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3 Romantic Hotels in Seattle, Washington

Looking for romance? Here are 3 wonderful hotels in Seattle, Washington that will provide ambiance, great food, beautiful views, magnificent rooms and romance. My husband and I were invited to Seattle, Washington on a FAM Trip recently and while visiting we had the pleasure of staying at the Monaco Hotel. The Monaco is part of the Kimpton trio of romantic getaway and business hotels in Seattle. After our experience I would recommend any one of the three hotels for a romantic, fun filled, inexpensive romantic getaway.

Alexis Hotel – 1007 First Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104 (206-624-4844).

Originally built as an office building in 1901 the Alexis was renovated into a hotel in 1980. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants took over the Alexis in 1982 and in 1996 the adjacent Arlington Building was purchased and this multi-million dollar renovation created the beautiful Alexis Hotel we see today.

With 121 guest rooms the Alexis is a wonderful place for that romantic visit to the Seattle area. With even specialty suites that include romantic wood-burning fireplaces, jetted tubs, media rooms and living areas the Alexis shows us that their rooms were all designed with comfort in mind. Calm colors of blue and beige walls accompanied by red and royal blue décor these rooms make romantic couples comfortable and gives them the feeling of peace while visiting the Alexis.

Room prices begin in the $179.00 with prices changing with seasons. Other amenities for guests are the complimentary evening wine receptions, 4 functional rooms available for business events and social events, complimentary wireless high-speed Internet in guest rooms.

Also at the Alexis guests find the Library Bistro and The Bookstore Bar and Café. Spend an evening enjoying contemporary American food and signature cocktails, in the Library Bistro 1940/1950s décor. Enjoy the menu items created by Executive Chef Tiffany Layco. The Bookstore Bar & Café is located just off the hotel lobby and has a warm romantic ambience. Books line the walls and create a reading room atmosphere. Diners can enjoy feasting on the meals prepared for them while perusing the cookbooks that are also available for purchase at the Bookstore Bar & Café. Here at The Bookstore Bar & Café the convivial bar boasts the largest single-malt scotch selection in all of Seattle.

Monaco Hotel – 1101 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101 (206-621-1770)

First built-in 1972 as a switching center for Pacific Northwest Bell the Hotel Monaco opened it’s doors as a luxury hotel in 1997. With 189 guest rooms, 45 that are suites, the Monaco Hotel is one of Seattle’s most romantic hotels in the downtown area. Room rates begin at $169.00.

The Monaco Hotel amenities include, complimentary wireless Internet, complimentary hosted wine reception in the lobby, complimentary chair massages every Thursday evening, in room spa service, valet parking a 24-hour business center and 24-hour room service for those who wish to stay in their romantic luxury suite.

Drinks and Southern style American cuisine with fine wines from around the world can make for a romantic evening at Sazerec. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Monaco is also a pet friendly hotel and each room has a pet goldfish for the Monaco Guppy Love Program. Complimentary dog bowl, dog biscuits at arrival and the use of leash, litter box, pet crate or pet bed while staying at the Monaco. Pet room service menu for both dogs and cats and the Monaco even offers pet sitting for those who wish to go out for the evening.

Hotel Vintage Park – 1100 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101 (206-624-8000)

Seattle’s Hotel Vintage Park built-in 1922 was renovated in 1992 to the hotel we see today. 124 guest rooms with a grand Chateau suite, and 55 King Premier rooms, all Hotel Vintage Park rooms are decorated in intimate romantic color schemes. Rich gold, warm mahogany and burgundy, layered draperies surround the romantic beds and custom furniture is added throughout the room. Romance and business all in the Hotel Vintage Park with business center provided for those who are not on a romantic trip. Room rates begin at $159.00.

Hotel Vintage Park is also home of the famous Tulio Ristorante, which serves contemporary Italian foods created by Executive Chef Walter Pisano. My husband and I were able to eat at Tulio Ristorante while on a Fam Trip to Seattle this month and the food prepared by Chef Pisano was some of the most flavorful, exquisite Italian food we have had the pleasure to eat. Pairing the wine with each dish made the dinner a one of a kind meal.

Amenities include, complimentary evening wine hour, complimentary coffee service, in room spa service, 24-hour room service, meeting facilities, pet friendly amenities, valet parking and complimentary bike rentals.


(FAM) Trip through Duo PR Firm

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3 Risk Factors Leading to Knee Osteoarthritis and Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee joint is the most used and abused joint of our bodies, it is also the joint that screams in painful osteoarthritis rebellion first and needs replacement surgery first. There are 3 main risk factors for developing knee osteoarthritis that lead to knee replacement surgery. Two of the risk factors we can lessen, the last risk factor has to do with heredity, which is out of our control, but two out of three still puts the odds in our favor for preventing, or at least lessening the risks, of developing knee osteoarthritis.

The number 1 risk factor for developing knee osteoarthritis that will eventually require knee replacement surgery is being overweight. The simple, every day activity of standing up and walking shifts 3 times a person’s weight onto the knee joint with each step. An extra 10 pounds of body weight translates into a feeling of an extra 60 pounds to our knees. Women who are overweight, even by a slight 10 pounds, have a much higher risk factor than overweight men to develop knee osteoarthritis. This sounds as though knee osteoarthritis is prejudiced, but the affliction does not discriminate, men just have a different number 1 risk factor.

The main risk factor for knee osteoarthritis in men is a sports related injury. The sports related injury to the knee could have happened way back during high school football days and long since forgotten by the time a man’s knee joint begins to hurt. But again, osteoarthritis is not a discriminatory affliction, it will strike a man who has never played sports in his life. A work related activity or exercise that requires repeated knee bending or lifting is a risk factor for both men and women which can lead to knee osteoarthritis.

We have some control over these first two risk factors. If we are over weight, losing a few pounds lessens our risk of developing knee osteoarthritis and will prevent, or at least stall, the need of knee replacement surgery.

The last risk factor is mainly out of our control, however, and that risk factor is heredity and longevity. If there is a family history of osteoarthritis, the likelihood of us developing it increases. Each succeeding generation is living longer, which further increases the risk factor for probable knee replacement surgery. The good news about the heredity risk factor is that if you are aware of your family’s predisposition for osteoarthritis, you can take proactive measures against it. Losing weight if needed, stopping high impact sports and exercises and starting an exercise program designed to strengthen the leg muscles surrounding the knees.

Knee osteoarthritis is not age discriminatory either, it’s not an old person’s affliction. If you fall into the high risk category and develop knee osteoarthritis while you’re in your 40’s, you’re in for several years of knee joint pain and band aid type treatments until you reach age 60 and can have knee replacement surgery performed. Why? Because most surgeons are hesitant to perform knee replacement surgery on someone younger than 60 because the knee replacement prosthesis won’t last as long as your life expectancy.

Take the 3 risk factors of knee osteoarthritis into consideration and do what you can now to prevent this painful affliction that will eventually require knee replacement surgery.

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3 Simple Ways to Become a Faster Swimmer in Triathlon

Question: Any tips for improving swimming speed? I can do the distance (Olympic-approximately 1.5K) no problem, but shaving minutes is an issue.

Answer: You are not alone. This issue is a critical factor in distinguishing whether you will be a competitive, elite amateur or just an average Joe triathlete.

I didn’t see improvement in my swim speed until my fourth season as a competitive triathlete. The top three changes in my swim training that helped me get faster are: frequency, intensity, and technique.

A couple of summers ago, I found myself in the same predicament. I was consistently disappointed in my swim performance, particularly in comparison to the bike and run legs. I didn’t want to face the reality that I wasn’t devoting enough time and attention to my swim training. I thought that it wasn’t as much of a priority as the other two portions of the race, partly because it’s the shortest leg. Besides, I’ve always been a strong swimmer. Yet when I repeatedly compared my times with my competitors, I realized that my swim time was the sole reason I wasn’t consistently placing in the top 3 of my age group. It became glaringly obvious that something needed to change in my swim regimen.

Frequency: The first thing I tackled was getting to the pool more often. As an athlete and former dancer, I knew that in order to make significant improvements in my performance, I needed to be swimming daily (or as close to daily as possible). Even without speed training, you can effectively decrease your swim race times, just by increasing the volume. Most collegiate and Olympic level swimmers swim twice a day, every day. Although your goals may not be anywhere close to that high level of skill, use their example as a gauge when determining your training objectives. I recommend swimming at least four times per week, for a minimum of sixty minutes per session.

Intensity: Assuming you have a solid base, focus on working harder in the pool. If you want to swim fast, train fast. For me, swimming is a very soothing, meditative activity. As such, I found that it was very difficult for me to force myself to do speed work on my own. I needed someone to push me. I found a local Masters ( swimming program, and within a few weeks, I was swimming significantly faster. Although I’ve been lucky enough to have an excellent coach, even in his absence, simply swimming with a group adds an increased level of intensity. Being divided into lanes according to skill level brings out my competitive drive. It also makes the time fly by, and takes the guess work out of planning your workout.

Technique: Within the first week of training with a local Masters group, I was told that my technique on my left arm was a little funky, particularly as I started to fatigue. I would have never known this had I not had someone analyzing my pull from the deck. Every Masters program is different, and I’ve heard a lot of disappointing stories from folks from other cities. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t getting feedback on your technique. I learned that you can pretty easily self-analyze your movement patterns. Bi-lateral swimming is an effective way to do this. I’ve incorporated this into every workout, whereas I used to dread it, because it felt uncomfortable. Now, lateral swimming feels unnatural. With bi-lateral swimming, you can’t fool yourself into thinking that your motions are even on both sides. I quickly discovered that I was definitely doing something different on my left side. Not only did it feel awkward, but I would get water in my ear on that side, and my body would also torque way over to the right side as I recovered with my left hand (none of which occurred on my right side). Listen to your body, focus, and tune in to see if your technique is deficient on one side or the other. Another little trick I use is to swim right up the middle of the lane, and use the center stripe as a guide to see if your hands are striking and recovering at the same point. You should be able to quickly see any imbalances, and adjust accordingly. This is a work in progress, and something that requires constant attention. If you have been swimming for years as I have, it will take time before the proper technique becomes engrained. Old habits die hard, but keep at it and on race day you will be shocked at how much you’ve improved.

The Triathlete’s Training Bible, Friel.
Championship Triathlon Training, Dallam & Jonas.

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3 Simple Meditations for Home or Work

When you think of meditation, do you picture sitting in an awkward pose for hours, or chanting nonsense words? Don’t let stereotypes keep you from trying meditation. For stress relief and overall health, meditation does not require a devotional practice to be beneficial. The amount of time spent in meditation is entirely up to the individual.

These three meditation techniques are simple and require no special circumstances, other than the commitment to finding a moment of quiet and solitude during the day.

Breathing Meditation

The most basic practice of meditation is awareness of breathing. It is a great place to begin if you have never before practiced meditation.

Sit at your desk, at the kitchen table, in any comfortable chair, or even in your parked car at the beginning or end of the day.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Let everything go except breathing. Follow your breath in and out. Be your breath. It may help to count each breath, or visualize a golden light flowing in and out as you breathe, but after your mind is calm, try to let go of the vision or the number and just be the breath.

If a thought appears in your consciousness, acknowledge it, then let it go and return to your breath.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to your day, peaceful and focused. At various moments of the day, as you go about your work, notice your breathing. Be aware that it is always with you, a calm center in a hectic world.

Tea Meditation

On your next coffee break, or at some quiet moment of the day, try a tea meditation. Create a ceremony of choosing the tea, boiling the water, and pouring it into the cup.

The idea here is to slow down and place awareness on each and every movement, every detail. The warmth of the water. The aroma of the tea. The steam floating up from the cup. The smooth porcelain under your fingertips. The heat of the liquid on your tongue as it travels down your throat into your body. If your thoughts wander, return gently to the present moment.

Return to work refreshed and calm. If you normally spend your breaks at work swigging coffee, smoking a cigarette, or munching snacks from the vending machine, you may notice a dramatic difference in the way you feel after a fifteen minute tea meditation.

Walking Meditation

You do not need a lot of room for a walking meditation. A small corridor will do. Or a backyard or garden. Anywhere you can concentrate for a few moments. Getting somewhere is not the point of a walking meditation. The point is to be aware while in motion.

Begin walking normally for a few steps, then gradually slow down. Feel every movement, every muscle. Notice the ground supporting you, the air cradling you. Keep your eyes open. Smile and breathe deeply.

As with the breathing meditation, acknowledge any thought that passes into your consciousness, then let it go and return focus to the present movement.

Practice these techniques as often as you wish. Remember, meditation is to be experienced and enjoyed in the way it manifests uniquely to you. Do not worry too much about whether you are “doing it right.” Simply try these techniques and see where they take you.

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3 Steps to Build Your Landing Pages

The landing page or squeeze page as it is often referred is a highly important tool in building that crucial opt-in email list. Statistics show that the vast majority of browsers stay on any given website for less than 30 seconds. What that means for you is that you’ve got literally seconds to impress, and to attract the attention of the browser. Building your landing page is crucial to your success rates, particularly from SEO and PPC marketing strategies.

What you’re trying to achieve is a screen-sized page (i.e. no scrolling is necessary) which contains all the information necessary to encourage someone to sign up for your opt-in list. In order to get this in place, you need a domain name and hosting for your site. After both a domain name and hosting are in place, you’re ready to start building your landing page.

First, your copy should be short on the landing page. Many professionals opt to use the long sales letter sell even for free sign ups. If someone visits your website that is prepared to sit and read the length of a 6,000 word sales letter just to subscribe, they’re a guaranteed sign-up anyway. Most others will be put off by the length of the text, and they will lose interest before having the option to sign up. The best and most efficient strategy for encouraging sign ups is sharp, punchy text that lets the opt-in know what he’s getting. It’s free, so you don’t have to overcome too many barriers. Just make sure you get their attention and get their sign up before the 30second average browsing time expires.

Second, your content should be focused almost exclusively on what you’re offering for the sign up. Is it a marketing course, a free ebook, or report? Let the browsers know who you are and what you’re offering. If you provide two opt-in forms on your squeeze page you’ll increase your chances significantly. One form should always go in the top fold of the page (left or right) and another at the very bottom of the page as the last element of the page.

Third, your page should contain some graphic element related to your niche, or a visual representation of your product. This helps to break up the text, and provide a more tangible image to associate with the free product you’re trying to sell. Headlines are also advisable. In the traditional sales letter style, big, bold, colorful headlines attract attention where attention is at a premium, and you need to hook the browser within the critical 2 second, first impression period. Make them sit up and take note, and let them know it’s free. This is a proven way of getting more sign ups for your money, and anything that helps expand your list is good value.

You will also need to get your auto-responder, which is an essential tool in the affiliate marketer’s toolbox. This will deal with your list signups automatically, and most major responder clients allow you to track statistics and see sign up rates. And that should be your landing page complete including headlines, graphics, quick sharp copy and auto-responder. If you’ve got the right combination of all these factors on your page, and you manage to bring in traffic of any volume, you should notice your sign ups coming in as your list grows and expands in line with your earning potential.

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3 Step Skincare System by Clinique

If you have never heard of the unique 3-step skincare system by Clinique, then your skin is missing out! I have been using it for just over 2 months now and I have seen a real difference in the look and feel of my skin.

I must admit, I am a beauty-product junkie! I will buy pretty much anything that looks good and I must be a department stores dream! When I turned 25 last year, my skin suddenly became prone to oiliness and breakouts. Before this, I had never suffered from bad skin in any way and it behaved itself all the time. Suddenly, I had bad skin and I didn’t know what to do to change it. I tried medicated soaps, scrubs and face washes, all to no avail. I would put my make-up on in the morning, with powder, and by lunchtime my face would be so shiny I would have to blot it. I became really self-concious and didn’t go out as much. Enough was enough.

I went to my nearest department store and headed to the Clinique counter as they had one of their Bonus Time offers running and I’m a sucker for a freebie! After my consultation with a really friendly therapist, she recommended the 3-step products and told me that it would take a little while, but I would soon notice a difference. As the name implies, there are 3 products that need to be used in turn in order to achieve good results. These are soap (available in liquid or solid bar), Clarifying Lotion (available in 4 strengths, 1-4) and one moisturiser (Dramatically Different, available in normal or gel-cream formulas).

Before using the soap (I use the “Mild” one in liquid form) skin must be free of make-up. It will not remove make-up! Simply wet your face and dispense a small amount of soap into hands and work it into a lather. Then massage over your face and rinse off. Despite being a soap, it does not leave skin tight or dry and you will always be advised on which strength is the one for you.

The next step is the Clarifying Lotion (I use “2”). I originally started using number 4 as my skin was quite oily, but I have now “downgraded” to number 2. As with all skincare products, it is always best to use ones that are suitable for your skins needs according to how it behaves, i.e. use a richer moisturiser in winter and a lighter one in summer. To use the Clarifying Lotion, simply apply a small amount to a cotton wool pad/ball and sweep over your face, avoiding the eye area. You will feel a mild stinging sensation, but this is normal. The Clarifying Lotion has been designed to clear away any dead skin cells and it really prepares your skin for moisturiser.

After a couple of minutes, apply the Dramatically Different moisturiser (it is one of the best-selling ones in the world and is instantly recognisable due to its yellow color). Just massage it into your face and neck to hydrate your skin and complete the 3-step system.

Due to the sizes of the products, they last for ages and you do not need much of each. Just follow the 3-step system twice a day (removing your make-up before you do!) and you will be on your way to great skin.

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3 Simple Ways To...Plan A Great Bachelor Party

Often lost among the excitement of wedding planning is the time-honored tradition of a bachelor party. Although most people may think of a bachelor party as nothing more than drunken debauchery, it is actually much more than that. A good bachelor party will be spoken of at the wedding; a great bachelor party will be talked about at the five-year anniversary party.

The stag party should be planned by only one group of people: the groomsmen. The best man is the head of this group. It is his responsibility to throw the best party possible. If he is not able to attend for any reason, such as the fact that he lives out of state, the remaining groomsmen must work together to get this done. Chances are the groomsmen have never planned a stag party before. Here are three easy ways to make it great.

When In Doubt, Ask The Groom What He Wants.
Inevitably there will be disagreements during the planning. Some could be simple, like what kind of beer to get in the keg. Others might be more complicated, such as whether or not to have adult entertainment. If a consensus cannot be reached, go directly to the groom. Make sure not to give away too many details so it will still be a surprise, but don’t be afraid to ask the man of honor what his preferences are. An unhappy groom will wreck a stag quicker than an unattractive stripper.

Have Awesome Raffle Prizes. Lots Of Them.
Good bachelor parties have a few raffle prizes while great ones have enough incredible prizes guests will want to buy more tickets. Don’t make the tickets too expensive. A good benchmark is an arm’s length of tickets for $5. Also, see if any guests are willing to donate prizes in exchange for a reduced price entry ticket. Need some stunning prize ideas? A few bottles of good liquor, a twelve pack or two, some scratch off lottery tickets, maybe a few adult DVDs or magazines, a $50 gas card, and a pair of tickets to the local baseball team will encourage people to purchase lots of tickets. Do a 50/50 raffle where the winner splits the pot with the groom. It’s important to avoid spending too much money on the prizes to keep costs down. To make things fun, cheap beer mugs can be found at a dollar store and used to collect the tickets for each prize.

Save The Adult Entertainment For Later In The Evening.

Strippers may be a staple of stag parties but there’s nothing saying they have to be there all night. If dancers have been hired, consider having them arrive four or five hours into the party. There’s a chance that some men may not want to be at a party where strippers are present for any number of reasons. By promising them the adult entertainment won’t show up until after they’ve left you may be able to convince them to buy a ticket. This is especially important if some of these guys are close to the groom, such as his father. Tell them exactly what time the strippers will be there so they know when to leave by.

Planning a stag party need not be complicated. There’s probably a good number of groomsmen who can share the planning responsibilities. This is supposed to be a fun event and it gives those involved in the wedding a good way to blow off some steam. Remember, the ultimate goal of a bachelor party is to give the groom some money to help pay for the wedding. Keep costs low enough and that should be no problem.

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3 Simple Rules for Holidays, Food and Your Pets

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to starting thinking about all the food temptations that will soon surround us. And as you’re contemplating your limits, don’t neglect to set them for your beloved pet, as well. Our tendency to over-indulge during the holidays often spills over into our pet’s territory. Unfortunately, the results can be just as disastrous. Here are three simple rules to help you set boundaries that will keep holiday merriment in check for you and your pets.

• Don’t Over Feed

First and foremost, don’t overfeed your pets. With so much food available, it’s easy to throw one too many treats their way. However, we need to consider the consequences. Whether you’re feeding your pet from a snack tray, leftovers or from the generous gifts given to them from friends and loved ones, overfeeding is still overfeeding. It’s just as dangerous during the holidays as it is during the rest of the year.

An overfed pet can quickly become an overweight pet – which can cause so many health problems. From diabetes to breathing issues, our pets suffer when they become obese – just as we do. So remember, a proper feeding regimen should also apply during the holidays. For reference, the ASPCA has two terrific articles that can help you determine a healthy feeding schedule for cats and dogs.

• Remember the Dangerous Foods

Just as with overfeeding, dangerous foods remain dangerous during the holidays, too. Chocolate it just as bad for your pet at a holiday party as it is the other 364 days of the year. It doesn’t become a special treat during certain calendar months, so avoid temptation and don’t dole it out.

Also be careful of where you place snack trays and candy dishes as well as wrapped and unwrapped presents. Remember, most animals have an acute sense of smell and can be attracted to the numerous holiday items we bring into our homes. Take care to keep dangerous foods (in any form) out of your pet’s reach to keep them safe.

• Monitor Guest Offerings

If you’re going entertain or travel with your pet during the holidays, it’s important to keep a watchful eye out for food and treats being offered to your furry babies. Well-meaning visitors may slip too much or dangerous food items into your pet’s bowl and cause problems without knowing it. Be especially careful when alcohol is involved – it impairs judgment in many ways and you don’t want your pet suffering ill consequences because of it. The Humane Society has a quick-read article about Foods That Can be Poisonous to Pets that’s a good reminder for the holidays.

In short, the same rules that apply throughout the year for feeding and safety still apply during the holidays. A thoughtful owners, we can celebrate and enjoy the season together when we remember that our beloved pets depend on us to make good choices for them every day of the year.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 Simple Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. This holiday marks the first of the High Holidays, or days of repentance (ending with Yom Kippur). During this time of renewal, prayers are given beside rivers and lakes, as sins are cast into the water in the form of small pebbles. Foods are symbolic and nourishing. The synagogue holds the faithful who listen to the expanded liturgy and celebrate new beginnings. Apples are dipped in honey, symbolizing the sweetness of what is to come. “L’shanah tovah”, is the common greeting for this day, wishing all a good year. It is a joyful, serious, and wonderful time.

Food has special significance on Rosh Hashana. Not only are apples dipped in honey, but pomegranates are eaten, symbolizing good deeds and abundance. A head of a fish may be served, so one may be “at the head of the class”. Other traditional foods may include black-eyed peas, spinach, and gourd. Nuts are generally avoided (with the possible exception of almonds), as are foods and condiments which are sour or have a tartness to them. Sweet foods are consumed, encouraging a sweetened life. Here are a few simple recipes for these foods that you may want to incorporate into your celebration.

Honey Glazed Baby Carrots (meren, to multiply)

2 cups pre-peeled baby carrots
½ cup butter
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp cinnamon

Melt your butter, then add the brown sugar, cinnamon and honey. Add your carrots, cover, and let cook over medium-low heat for ten to fifteen minutes. This tastes wonderful over sweet rice. Just add 1 tsp sugar per two cups of rice, and cook as normal.

Brisket (corned beef)

Throw away the spice packet and cover brisket with water.

2 bay leaves
20-25 whole peppercorns
1 onion
1 celery stick
1 cinnamon stick
6 whole cloves

add ingredients, bring to a boil, reduce to simmer and cover. Cook for approx 2.5 hours, checking often. Beef should peel apart with your fingers.

Apple and Pomegranate Salad

1 apple cut into small cubes
1 seeded pomegranate, cut
store bought poppyseed dressing
slivered almonds

Simply combine the above and serve over lettuce.

Another option, is to chop the apple and add almonds, pomegranate seeds, and banana. Mix in a tablespoon of kosher mayonnaise.

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3 Steps to Control Your Anger

Do you feel the barometer rising? Your face turns red. Your heart beats hard and heavy in your chest. Your hands tremble. Then you blow your top. You say things you regret. You throw objects across the room. This article will show you how to defuse anger.

Anger is an emotion. That’s it. You control it – it doesn’t control you. Learn these steps and you will be able to control your temper and your surroundings.

Step #1: Finding your trigger points. You need to be in better tune with yourself. Take moment and think of about your last argument or conflict. What were the trigger points just before you lost control of your anger. What are your trigger points? You feel your head and ears getting hot, blood pulsing in your neck, hands start to clench or your heart starts pounding. Your body is trying to tell you something. It is trying to say, “I am overwhelmed.” “I am scared.” “I am offended” or “I am hurt.” You need to find this out. Otherwise, if you wait until you are angry it will be too late and you will have already lost control. Often, anger is the last emotion we feel – it’s the reaction to the situation, not the solution. If you can dig deeper into what you are feeling inside, it can be better communicated to the one you are feel hostile towards.

Step #2: Walk away. When you become familiar with your trigger points and know you are at your limit; it is best to walk away than to stay and win the verbal battle. In the long run, it is better to save face and control your anger than to lash out and say things or do things you will deeply regret. If the person in front of you is valuable to you then, no amount of fight or negative emotion is worth sacrificing that relationship. Walk away, find a place where you can calm down, take deep breaths, and find time to regain your composure.

Step #3: Healthy Communication. When you are able to, share with the opposite party what you are feeling. You may need to wait 30 minutes, several hours, or a good part of the day. When the time is right, explain how you are feeling – not how they made you feel. Bring up the topic or situation and share your thoughts and emotions – calmly. As soon as you start raising your voice and say your words like, “you” did this or “you” said this- then the battle will be a loss. Instead, start with “I” felt overwhelmed or “I” was scared or hurt by… This will bring the defenses down with the other party and they will be more willing to listen to your emotions rather than seeing it explode.

Following these 3 steps will not be easy. It will be a constant discovery of yourself. The battle will be won when you can find your trigger points and know when to walk away. Winning the argument isn’t as important as winning the relationship. Learn how to defuse your anger and you will have healthier relationships around you.

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3 Steps to Better Sleep

Our minds are racing and our bodies seems to be on warp speed. Our schedules are full and the demands are high. It’s no wonder when it’s time to lay down and sleep our minds are still going 100 mph. Here are some very simple and practical steps to getting the well deserved and crucially needed sleep our bodies and minds desire.

Step #1: Avoid stimulation. Despite what you may have been taught, exercising may wear you out muscularly, but it raises your heart-rate, stimulates the nervous system, and increases hormones. Do not exercise before bed! Also, watching intense television shows, movies, and playing video games proves to accelerate the heart and mind. All of these activities have a place in our lives, but not before bed. Instead, find a good book that allows you to escape life’s reality. A book about fantasy or a feel-good book will calm your spirit and allow your mind and body to relax. Another great way to tune out life’s stress is to start a puzzle. You know, the good old fashioned puzzle pieces is good way to release your mind of stress and puts your focus elsewhere. Same goes for crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

Step #2: Avoid caffeine. Doctors go back and forth on this topic, but a good rule of thumb is to allow your body to filter out all stimulants within 8 hours. So, if you go to bed by 10:00PM, then avoid chocolates, coffee, soda, and energy drinks by 2:00PM. This allows your body to get back to its normal state and it allows your mind to relax for a restful bedtime.

Step #3: End your day on a good note. Find something positive that will feed your mind with good thoughts and a higher self-esteem. Look at old pictures in a photo album. Read letters of recommendation from a boss. Bring out the shoe box full of old love letters. Think about the highlights of your day and you will find yourself happy, content and ready for restful sleep.

Lack of sleep will cloud our minds, break down our bodies, and make our lives feel overwhelming. A good night’s sleep will better prepare us for what lies ahead. A good night’s sleep is what will keep our minds and bodies healthy and strong.

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3 Special Camps for Kids: Camps that Help Children

Summer camp is something that nearly every kid dreams of going to, at least once. There’s something special about being able to get away from the family for a week or two, be immersed in nature, and generally feel independant.

There are also a few camps out there that take the idea a step further, promoting ideas within the setting that can help children heal, feel as if they’re not alone, and even to give them a family.

Whether you’re looking for a special camp for your child with special needs, looking to adopt a child that needs a family, or would like a worthy cause to donate time or money to, these camps offer something amazing.

Camp Hope

Hundreds of older children – “too old” to be adopted – remain in Russian orphanages until they turn 16, when they’re faced with the grim realities of living totally on their own. Faced with this during a visit to a Russian orphanage seven years ago, adoption-agency direcor Alla Lakov was shocked by the number of these kids, needing nothing more than a home.

When Lakov returned to America, she began organizing Camp Hope. This organization brings older Russian children to America where they get to stay with host families for 10-12 days of activities, adventure, and love. The goal is to help the children get adopted, and has been very successful in meeting their goal. In their first year of operation, Camp Hope was able to adpt each of the 11 kids who participated in the program.

To stay running, Camp Hope relies on host families, volunteers for the camp, and donations from people all over the country. This year’s camp will be held in June and Camp Hope is still looking for more help.

Get in contact with Camp Hope by visiting their website,, or by calling one of the directors: Alla Lakov (978-689-2442) or Shannon Free (515-778-9019. You can also email Alla at or Shannon at

Camp Agape

One of very few camps dedicated to helping children who have suffered the loss of a loved one, Camp Agape offers the fun and adventure of a traditional summer camp alongside group therapy activities to help children with the bereavement process. They use art, music, games and play to offer a theme of hope for childrens’ futures. By relying on sponsors to pave the way for children to attend camp, the child and their guardians are not charged for attendance.

How can you help? As a 501©3 organization, Camp Agape is entirely nonprofit so any monetary gifts you can give are tax-deductible. You can also sponsor a child to attend the camp, which is how they can continue operating without charging childrens’ families for attendance. Camp Agape is also usually on the lookout for volunteers to share time and talents with their program – a background check will be performed, but anyone aged 15 and above is welcome to work with Camp Agape (these volunteer hours can be used toward Continuing Education Credits for Licensed Therapists, Counselors and Social Workers. Community Service Hours of credit can be earned by high school students).

To learn more about providing the Camp Agape program to children in your community or to get more information on the camp, you can contact Kim Turk at (512-756-7353) or visit their website.

Camp for All

Open year-round, Camp for All is located in the gently rolling hills of Washington County, Texas. A unique camping and retreat, this group aims to enrich the lives of children with special needs, promoting self-esteem, self-awareness and independance through recreational, therapeutic, and educational programs.

Children and adults alike are welcome at Camp for All, enhancing the lives of all people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. With their week-long summer camps, weekend retreats and day programs, they serve more than 70 different special needs and mission-related organizations annually, aiding hundreds of people every year.

Because they’re a non-profit organization, any donations you make to Camp for All are tax-deductible. Unlike many similar programs, CFA doesn’t rely on government or United Way funding – they are dependant on individuals, foundations, and corporations to help them continue providing a unique camping experience. You can find out more about their many special funds by visiting this page, or by contacting them:Camp For All, 10500 Northwest Freeway, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77092. Phone: 713-686-5666

There are also several volunteer opportunities available, including Camp for All Friends, Young Professionals, and Camp Care Days. Detailed information on each of the opportunities is available on their website.

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3 Smart Tips for Saving Money

It is a general fact of life that money makes the world go round. We all know that money is essential for our everyday transactions.

People from all walks of life always ask questions about the best ways to manage, save and invest money.

Saving money essentially guarantees a person financial his or her safety and independence from economic adversity. It helps people to maintain the best of health as they can afford quality healthcare and the best form of nutrition.

It is important to save money as this can be mean the difference between a life of finacial difficulty and living a life free of wants and worries.

Before considering the best way to save money, we need to look at the logic behind our actions and this is best illustrated by comparing the long term benefits of saving money to the short term benefits. What would be the benefit of saving money and investing it over time instead of spending it for instant gratification.

The following are 3 useful tips for saving money.

1) Take an inventory on your daily spending – Many of us fail to keep track of how much we spend daily especially on so many thing we buy on impulse. A lot of dollars could be saved if we knew how much went where? When was such an amount spent? Tracking our spending gives so much valuable information. We can cut our spending by having a rethink before making any buying decision.

2) Save money on your home – It seems far fetched but so many people forget that they can get a lower interest rate on thier home. Another area often overlooked concerning saving on homes is to try low-cost payments on utilities. A ton of money can be saved by doing a little research to find cost-effective ways of maintaining your home.

3) Following the 10% Rule – Try to save 10% of whatever you earn every month. It may be helpful to set aside a separate savings account for this porpose. You will be amazed how much you can save after a few months.

Jus make sure you do not treat your savings as a source of releif anytime you need a little extra money. This just ends up defeating the whole purpose of saving in the first place.

Why do we need to save?

Saving up for retirement – Saving allows you to get prepared for retirement. At our feeble old age, we most certainly will depend on what we have saved up to cater for us when we no longer have the strenght to work anymore.

Saving up to invest – Savings also make an important source for investments. This is fine as long as the purpose of saving was for future investment oppurtunities if they present themselves. We could use up money saved up for other purposes to make an investment. The returnsshould be immdeiately saved after the investment yeilds profits. This helps to keep the aim of saving in perspective and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

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3 Steps to a More Organized Life

Organization skills come easy for some people. They seem to have a mysterious instinct which guides their every choice, allowing them to seemingly glide through life with supreme efficiency. For the rest of us, organizing our laundry into darks and whites can seem like an insurmountable task. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Although it may seem like organized people are simply born with an innate gift for superpower tidiness, the truth is that usually these people have simply built structure into their lives by habit and routine. This is great news for the rest of us. With a little practice you can learn to become as organized as you wish. Below are a few things to try every day to help you get more organized; practice and you just might end up a superhero of organization too!


Does your mind wander often? Daydreaming can be a great source of creativity, and it certainly should have it’s place in your life (don’t forget to smell the roses, right?), but sometimes we daydream about doing things more often than actually doing things. One of the most effective ways of increasing your concentration is by staying healthy. This means getting proper sleep and eating well. Jump start your day with a healthy breakfast and a little exercise such as walking and stretching. This is great for both your body and mind, and will improve your focus throughout the day. Focusing is important. You need to set goals and remained concentrated on achieving them.

Make a plan:

While daydreaming is a great way to understand your goals subjectively, in order to achieve those goals you need to externalize them in an objective way. This means making a plan. Some people find this very invigorating, always excited planning their next course of action. Other see planning as an unnecessary burden, a waste of time. Planning may seem like a waste of time, but that little bit of time normally pays off. In order to see your ideas come to fruition, you should have a good outline of what your ideas actually are. This is how you make your goals. Make your goals clear and get ready to follow through with them. A great way to do this is to buy a journal and write in it every day before bed. This is especially useful for longterm goals.

Make a List:

Making a list seems, to some people, like even more a waste of time than planning. And some people don’t need lists at all in order to get organized. However, these people usually just build lists inside their mind instead of on paper. I recommend writing everything down for a while before transitioning to mental lists. There is a good reason for this: habit. In order to remain focused on your goals you need to ingrain list making into your regular routine. Gradually you will rely less on written lists and more on mental ones, but in the beginning you should write them down to develop the habit.

Follow these steps every day. It’s not usually very fun in the beginning to stick to these steps every day, but within a couple weeks it will become habit. Habit is the most important thing; it will make organization seem effortless.

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3 Steps to Great Speeches or Public Presentations

It may seem like all a person needs to make a good public presentation is an adequate Powerpoint presentation and an audience. Over-reliance on visual aids has created many a bad public speaker, however. It is important to remember that people are there to see and listen to you and not just look at paper and screen versions of a snazzy computer-generated presentation. Here are three tips for giving great speeches or presentations-whether in front of a few people or a room full…

The first step is to prepare, but not over-prepare. This means that while you definitely want to have an outline, notes, handouts and any visual aids that you may need for your presentation-if you choreograph everything down to when you will take a sip of water, you are over-prepared and your speech/presentation will come off as if you have stepped out of a can. Give yourself a good outline and take care of all the incidentals; anticipate questions or comments; and make sure you have done your homework and research, but leave room for some ad-libbing and adjusting to the actual situation. The more comfortable you are with your preparations, the more relaxed and accessible you will appear while giving your presentation.

The second step is to avoid relying on those visual aids. Nothing is more boring than an individual who stands with his or her back to the audience while talking through a Powerpoint presentation or someone who uses and overhead or other equipment to hide behind. Remember that you ARE the presentation, not your visual aids. A visual presentation should augment or add to your verbal presentation and not be in place of it. Step out from behind the podium or equipment, move closer to your audience and talk directly to them. If you need to show charts or images, show them and then turn off the equipment so the focus will be back on you where it belongs.

Finally, to give a memorable and fabulous presentation or speech-vary your cadence and your movements. Take up the space you have been given-whether it is an entire stage or the corner of a room and move a little. What makes a dynamic speaker is not someone who tells a lot of jokes and speaks loudly, but someone who knows how to mix things up. It is the contrast between movement and stillness, speaking louder and then softer and varying which direction you look in and the way you approach both your subject matter and the audience that makes a memorable, dynamic speaker. If you decide to walk a little while talking, make sure you stop, pause, and talk instead of pacing madly back and forth. Try to be as varied as you would ordinarily be in a conversation with a friend and you will come across as collected and in control of your subject matter.

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3 Substitutes for Chives

Chives are the leaves of members of the onion family, allium. Most chives sold in grocery stores are cultivated specifically for their use in recipes, their bulbs are not as fragrant or flavorful as most garlic and onion plants. If you are in the middle of a recipe and don’t have access to chives, any of these chive substitutes may act as viable alternatives.

Wild Onion

You’re probably not far from access to wild onions, which yield edible chives that can be used in recipes as chive substitutes. Wild onion grows as a weed throughout most of North America and it’s likely that it’s growing rampantly in your yard. Simply harvest a few handfuls of wild onion leaves, wash them thoroughly, and slice them thinly for use instead of chives.

Garlic Chive

Garlic chive, also known as garlic leaf or Chinese chive, are good substitutes for regular chives. These fleshy, pungent, flavorful leaves contain large amounts of the sulfurous compounds for which the onion family is renowned. Use garlic leaf as a chive substitute, using lower amounts of leaves than the recipe calls for.


The leek is another member of the onion family, and it is very similar in taste, origin, texture and appearance to chives. Leek is closely related elephant garlic, and its edible bundle of leaf sheaths form an edible stalk. To use leeks as a substitute for chives substitute in cooking, use the same ratio of leek, and slice the leeks relatively thinly.

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3 Straightforward Advices to Surmount BPD Relationships

Are BPD Relationships a nightmare for you and wanting to learn what can you do to alleviate the distress your borderline close one generates to both of you?

Read through below to discover 3 straightforward but effective techniques.

The first tip is connected with the your communication manner. You may be affectionate and good intended, yet a BPD can still perceive you as criticizing or scourging.

So the way you want to go is to first determine the words or things you say that are interpreted as rejecting by your dear person. You can plainly ask him/her to communicate you those things or words the moment they turn up. Your dear person has to also know that you are doing this for your relationship and you require his or her collaboration.

The 2nd tip is to use what you have discovered at step one to clarify the intended meaning of your words. This has to be accomplished in a amicable and cooperative way.

This technique has two significantly vital gains to both of you. Firstly, your dear one will see now clearly that you had the highest intentions in mind. Additionally, you’ll also communicate a second more refined point that you really love and care for him or her, that he/she is an important person to you, and all these without actually coming out and say it. You let the other one conclude for him/herself.

This tactic will correct considerably the BPD relationship with your close person.

The third straightforward but very effective thing you can do is to congratulate for his/her achievements. You don’t need to delay this until his or her proximal advancement or raise! You can start with the little but meaningful things in your relationship, like him/her being more caring to you, for paying more attention, for the delightful meal, or the delicious wine he/she had chosen.

BPDs were reared in negative backgrounds, that induced them to perceive themselves in negative and depreciative manners.

Initially your praises may get ignorrance or “this is not true” reactions. Do not worry, just keep on showing your care and admiration, sooner or later he/she will understand that his/her value isn’t determined only by the early experiences. He/She will realize that a individual means much more than the early redundant criticism, maltreatments, cold-heartedness, or other underminings.

If you want to find out more about borderline personality as well as other modalities to enrich the BPD relationship with your loved one, download my free e-book “Surviving The Borderline Hellhole”!

BPD Relationships

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3 Steps to Weight Loss Success

Every New Year’s we all say the same thing…

“I’m gonna do it this year!”

There’s never any doubt that we all mean it when we plan to lose weight. We make New Year’s Resolutions and make great plans but it never seems to work out for most of us. Workouts and nutrition and all the science behind losing weight is great, but in the end it’s a lifestyle change that means losing weight.

So how do you do it?

The first thing you must do is set a realistic goal and make that the number one priority. This past year my goals were more about performance than number raw numbers, but the main thing I had to focus on was making sure my 50 hour-a-week work schedule didn’t eliminate training time.

Most of you probably have a job that can be demanding at times so training can be difficult. I recommend a membership at a 24-hour gym or buying workout equipment for the home. I found a gym that charged $20 a month for all-day access and after many long days at the store I found myself on a treadmill at midnight.

It’s not glamourous, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s about results, not style!

Secondly, don’t sabotage yourself at home! The hardest thing to do is getting rid of the junk food! Go through your kitchen and throw away, that’s right, THROW AWAY all the chips, cookies and soda you have and make a trip to the store with a healthy shopping list and stock up. I found great lists on to get me started and it was a great help.

Finally, a support system is vital to success. When I have a bad workout, my girlfriend hears about it. My Twitter hears about it. I tell the world! When people know that are in the middle of a lifestyle change, most are sympathetic and will offer advice and support.

Though there are some that won’t so it’s a great way to learn who your friends are!

The key to losing weight, or making a lifestyle change as I call it, is to set yourself up for success. Don’t wait until January 1st. Proper planning always guarantees success. The best advice I ever received was that no matter how far you fall off the path, you can always get back on. Plan ahead, work hard and make 2011 your best year!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

3 Steps to Savings Security

Everyone should have an emergency fund of three to six months worth of mandatory expenses set aside – just in case; just in case you lose your job, just in case you get sick, or just in case your husband calls you up out of the blue and says “I quit.”

Building up that kind of fund will not happen as quickly as most of us would like (unless you have a rich relative or win the lottery). It will also not happen if you continue to put off your savings until … the kids are out of the house, the credit cards are paid off, or the mortgage is paid in full. It will really not happen at all if you use that fund to pay for new tires, or medical expenses, or other small items along the way. The emergency fund has to become a priority habit and has to remain off limits.

1. Put aside money at the first of each pay check. Most people wait until all the bills are paid and miscellaneous is spent before they try to save. Consider the emergency fund paying yourself and do that before you do anything else.

2. Cut all unnecessary expenses. If the money is tight then it is time to cut. Don’t get the sports package on cable. Even better, don’t get cable. Use your time to do something more constructive.

3. Get another job. Maybe your neighbors could use some one to mow their lawn or rake their leaves. Any where you can pick up a few extra bucks – and tag this money for the emergency fund and nothing else.

It takes more than money to build up an emergency fund. You have to form the habit of savings. These three steps will get you well on your way. The important thing is not how much you set aside (especially in the beginning) but that you train yourself to make savings a priority in your finances.

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3 Steps to Keeping Pets Out of Danger During Christmas

While the holidays can be a fun time for humans, they can be a disaster for our furry friends. There is so much excitement and events happening that they can become distressed and nervous by the time they are all over with. If you want to keep your pets out of danger, there are three steps you can take to do this. With the all the spending that is being done, these steps are perfect because they are free!

Keep Agitated Pets Away From Guests – If you know that your pet may bite or scratch someone when they become nervous, they should never be allowed in the public areas of the home when guest are there. You can end up with a pet that has to be put down because they have harmed someone who does not take it well. Have an area that is set aside for the animals so they do not become overwhelmed with all the activities.

Do Not Feed Animals Table Scraps – While you may want to reward your pet with their own “holiday meal”, this is not a good idea. Animals do not have the same digestive systems that we humans have and the food can be too rich for them. The table scraps may not kill them, but they certainly can lead to indigestion and or diarrhea and that can be uncomfortable for your animals. Instead, get them a special can of dog or cat food or a treat that they can have for the special occasion.

Keep Hazardous Materials Out Of Reach – Anything that can be choked on or that is poisonous for your pet must be kept out of reach. This includes tinsel on the tree, candles and electrical chords. Unless you can supervise your pet every minute of the day, they should be kept away from these hazardous materials. Pets do not understand that these are not toys for them. They react to sight and smell and many of these items attract their attention.

While the holidays can be a fun time for humans, pets do not understand what all the fuss is about. Keep them safe by allowing them privacy during holidays when there are unknown guests in the home and do not feed them table scraps. Make sure any hazardous materials are kept away from their reach.

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3 Steps to Employment

The holidays are here and if the only words that will bring you cheer are, “you are hired,” than this December is a great opportunity for you! With the employment rates hovering at all time highs, it may seem as if there are no positions available, but with creativity on your side, anything is possible. Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to employment.


It is not a myth that the best way to get ahead is through networking. You need to create the opportunity to get yourself up on a platform to promote your ideas, passion, and experience. The best way to accomplish this task is through friends, former co-workers and bosses. Even family members are great resources if you can set aside your pride long enough to allow the help. These people most often believe in you, know your abilities and are willing to vouch for you. They are the proverbial, “foot in the door.”

Job Shopping at Holiday Parties

This year, the best way to get an informal interview is through scouting out company holiday parties. If your friend offers to take you to their company party, do not refuse! While at the party, act responsibly and be engaging. Leave a great lasting impression with the other employees in case you do land the job. Tactfully make your way to conversation with the managers/owners of the company. Be confident, professional, and personable. Listen for cues in the conversation to express how you would be an asset to his or her business.


Being prepared is the key in showing you are responsible and have a vision for yourself as well as your potential employer. Once you have made it face to face with a manager/owner, knowing how to sell your self is crucial. Have your research done so you know exactly how you can profit the company with your fresh ideas to further its growth. Just imagine if you were the boss, and someone came to you with a convincing plan for how they could increase your revenue significantly, would you be able to refuse them employment? In business, the force behind many hiring decisions is money. Believe in yourself that you can bring them success and they will buy into your ideas.

These simple principles backed with hard work and determination will land you that job you have been eyeing. For a great example of this, watch the last episode of the fall 2010 season of The Apprentice. Both candidates had put in hard work, but in the end, Brandy had a plan for furthering the Trump organization and that is what sealed the deal. So this season, remember to follow these tips and enjoy your holiday party job shopping!

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3 Strategies to Improve Meetings

Picture this: You’ve called a mandatory work meeting. You’re yodeling about “recent developments” that didn’t change from yesterday, last quarter, last year.

Your co-workers are doodling. Squiggly lines, diagonal lines – a few are creative and draw goofy-looking caricatures that, oddly enough, resemble you.

However you draw it, you need strategies to improve meetings.

Avoid office-cooler gossip with an agenda

Prepare an agenda and email the agenda days – not minutes – before the meeting. This will give your co-workers time to prepare.

If, for example, the meeting is informative in nature and no problem needs to be solved, the agenda should provide bullet-points about the topics that will be discussed. In another example, a meeting that requires a definitive solution to a problem should note in the agenda what needs to be solved, possible solutions, and ask attendees to bring possible solutions to the meeting.

The agenda also serves as a way to steer conversation back to the subject at hand – especially if discussion turns into office-cooler gossip.

The clock rules

Schedule your meeting for a specific amount of time, then reduce the number by about 15 percent. A meeting schedule for an hour will last around 50 minutes, for example. With less time and an agenda, participants should be able to keep on task.

In the meeting room, set the alarm on your cell phone or bring a timer. When time is up, the meeting’s done. Don’t extend it into a marathon-length session if the issue didn’t get resolved or all the information communicated. The best solution is to reschedule another meeting for the appropriate length of time. But don’t fall into a trap of rescheduling meetings about previous meetings that rehash meetings of other meetings!

Is team effort needed?

Call a meeting only if it requires team effort or team communication. The meeting is a tool used to inform your co-workers and/or solve a problem with their help that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to solve on your own. Taking employees away from their daily tasks is expensive and a waste of time.

Improving the efficiency and productivity of your meetings may just keep your co-workers from doodling caricatures of you while listening to “recent developments.”

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3 Steps to Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

I won’t say that finding and living the American Dream is an easy endeavor, nor will I fool you into believing it can happen overnight. But there are certainly expedited methods to realizing your deepest, most heartfelt dreams. I know how important those dreams are to you. I understand you’ve had visions, goals, and serious dreams for yourself ever since you were a child.

In this article, I offer you a helpful practice, and one that may precipitate the full manifestation of those deep, inner wishes and dreams. At first, the practice I suggest to you might seem ironic, contradicting, or foolish, but once you think about it for awhile, I think you will make the connection.

Focus on One Dream

People have many desires. It’s all wrapped up in the idea of the American Dream. My suggestion is that you sit in a quiet room, think hard, and discover one primary dream. Once you find it, you can more pointedly focus on that coveted dream. This is important. Don’t skip this step. This is number (1) one.

‘Boil It Down’

Focus on your main goal in life and make sure this is really what your dream is. You must understand your dream on various levels. Picture it, make a movie in your mind about what living this dream would happen to be like. If you want to be the servant who serves the president breakfast every morning, you must think of yourself in that role, imagine the emotional aspect, the physical aspect, and ask questions like, Why do I want this for myself? This is an important function and you must go through with it. This is step number (2) two, and you cannot spend too much time with this step.

Material Reminders

Here is where my advice becomes interesting. You may naysay me and ask, What dream has he accomplished for himself. Is he living the American Dream? I assure you, this deviation from topic will get you nowhere and ill-serve you. Material reminders are important because they continuously remind you of personal goals and dreams throughout the day. If you’re constantly thinking about your dreams, then you will realize them quicker. Read Annie Besant’s ‘Thought Forms’ for more on that. This is step (3) three, and it represents the physical realm of abstract desiring. Here is an example of a material method:

The Toilet Paper Method

I don’t have to preach to you (the choir, to turn a phrase) about the high level of concentration practiced in the bathroom. The bathroom might be the last place left in American society for individual solitude and true attention. Utilize it. Have your primary dream, which you have boiled down to a very focused point, printed on toilet paper (you can do that at Custom Printed Toilet Paper). In the heat of high concentration, you will be repeatedly focused on your dream as it keeps rolling, almost infinitely, while you practice modern hygiene. Don’t fall for ‘how nice the toilet paper looks’ with your dream printed on it. To make it effective — to make it work — you must use the toilet paper. This is only one method, and I only give it to you as an example. You may, and should, practice many methods of material reminders.


Finally, do not be discouraged by rejection. Dreams don’t, as I have stated, happen overnight — except for that one night, or morning, when it does, suddenly, seem to happen. But that takes fortnights of overnights, and you should not be discouraged, only motivated.

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3 Things that Should Be Included in BioShock Infinite's DLCs

Now that BioShock Infinite has been out for a little over a month, gamers are beginning to wonder what is planned for its three DLCs. While the main story of Infinite is complete, there are many interesting directions extra content can explore. Here’s a few things that should be included in the BioShock Infinite DLC.

More about Columbia’s monsters and Vigors
Fink witnessed what seems to be the creation of Rapture’s Big Daddies through a tear. However, it would be interesting if we saw exactly what he did, instead of just heard about it through the Voxophone. Another open issue is Vigors. Why doesn’t Columbia’s citizens use them like the people of Rapture did? Vigors are common knowledge in Columbia, and a few of them were shown at the Fair. Did Fink warn Columbia about the dangers of Vigors because he saw what Plasmids did to Rapture? To get a closer look at how Songbird or the Vigors were created would give gamers a chance to reconnect with Rapture, and flesh out Fink’s story more.

Elizabeth’s time as Columbia’s leader
When Elizabeth surrenders to Songbird, Booker sets out to rescue her. He crosses a foggy bridge where it’s snowing on the other side. Once inside, he finds several tears. One of them mentions he never came back to rescue Elizabeth. Losing hope, she finally gave into Comstock’s demands and attacked New York City in the 1980s. In Infinite, older Elizabeth gives Booker a note and sends him back to find young Elizabeth. However, we don’t know much about Elizabeth’s time as leader of the city. She created the Boys of Silence, but there isn’t many details. Was her reign worse than Comstock’s? Hopefully, a DLC will focus on Columbia during Elizabeth’s rise to power.

Booker and the Vox
After opening a tear, Booker and Elizabeth find themselves in a universe where he’s the hero of the Vox. This Booker apparently sacrificed himself for Daisy’s cause. Just like with Fink, this plot is mostly told through Voxophones. Of course, once the Vox see a very much alive Booker running around, they try to kill him for being a pretender. For a DLC, it would be great to explore exactly how Booker went from reluctantly helping the Vox to being their savior.

There are plenty of other directions the DLC in BioShock Infinite can take, like including more about Lady Comstock or the Luteces. They can also be used to introduce new characters, as some sources suggest. As long as the DLCs build on Columbia and gives the player new insights into its secrets, it is sure to be exciting.

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3 Things to Consider when Selecting Property for Flipping

I will be the first to admit a strong addiction to television shows that revolve around the practice of ‘flipping houses’ in order to make real estate profit. On one hand I am not much of a gambler by nature. On the other hand, the idea of making massive profits in a short amount of time is an idea that offers great appeal to someone like myself.

I have watched these shows for a couple of years now and when combined with the personal research I’ve done on the topic consider myself a good prospect for turning a profit in an endeavor such as this. There are a few things however, that could help maximize profits when making real estate transactions of this nature. These things should be carefully considered before purchasing a property with the intention of ‘flipping’ that house for real estate profit. This being said, flipping houses is a great way to turn an impressive profit with a minimal investment of time.

Keep the following things in mind when looking for the perfect property for your house flipping project and you should have a greater opportunity for success in the long run.

1) Location, location, location. There isn’t enough that can be said about this. In the right location you do not need to buy at a substantial discount in order to turn a respectable profit. The truth of the matter is that there are many areas in which real estate sales at a price that is above the actual “property value”. You must carefully consider the location in which you are considering buying. You do not want to buy a family style property to flip in a neighborhood that has struggling schools or a high crime rate. At the same time you do not want to try and work the ultimate bachelor’s pad right into the middle of a family neighborhood. Choose the location carefully when flipping houses and keep your end goal (profit) in mind.

2) Price. When flipping houses every penny you pay in the beginning is a penny of profit you won’t see on the other side. You want to negotiate the price very carefully. Make sure that you have all the proper inspections performed prior to purchase and negotiate according to the findings of those inspections as well. You want to place yourself in a position for prime profits when all is said and done. The lower the price you pay when flipping houses in the beginning the greater profit potential you will set yourself in place to receive.

3) Potential. While there are very few properties that have absolutely no potential to bring in a nice tidy return on the investment, some simply have more potential than others. Obviously you will be making some changes to the home in question in order to raise the profit potential. At the same time, you do not want to invest too much time, money, or energy into that process as each of those things take away from your bottom line profit. When flipping houses, you want the house that has the greatest potential with the least amount of labor.

There are many things you can do that will help you make more informed decisions along these lines. Partnering with a good real estate professional in the area is a great way to make the contacts necessary to earn a great profit. You should find that there are some that are more than willing to work with you in this capacity, especially if you intend to pursue this as a long-term investment strategy. You might also find that flipping houses becomes an addiction once you work out the kinks along the way. You should keep in mind however that real estate investing in general and flipping houses in particular is also a risky business venture. Arm yourself with knowledge of the benefits as well as the risks before taking a huge leap of faith.

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3 Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to Thanksgiving, generally everyone thinks of the lunch and dinner feasts of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries, stuffing, rolls, green bean casserole, and desserts. Many people don’t think about a Thanksgiving breakfast that will hold them over until the main feast.

A breakfast on Thanksgiving morning doesn’t have to be as big of a meal as the dinner itself, but breakfast should be added as a holiday tradition. This will enable the family to start the day with more reasons to be thankful and adding more memories to the holiday. With all the parades are on tv during the morning, create a meal that is light, portable, and easy to fix.

Pancakes and Sausage or Bacon

Fix a batch of pancakes with maple syrup. Better yet add blueberries, strawberries or chocolate chips to the pancake batter and serve with butter and whipped cream. Ok, we can include syrup, just switch out the traditional syrup with one of the other flavored syrups. Fry up some sausage or bacon to be added as a side dish. After all leftover sausage or bacon can surely be added to any of your Thanksgiving dinner dishes.

Fruit Trays

Fruit can be cut up into bite size chunks and served with a refreshing dip. Fruit trays can consist of strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, kiwi, mango, papaya, or any fruit that is a family favorite. Any dip for a fruit tray can be found in a cookbook or online. Tailor the dips to the family’s taste.


Crepes are a thin pancake that can be filled with fruit or ice cream. Ok maybe ice cream in the morning isn’t something one would add to a breakfast, but it can add a whole new flavor to the crepes with the fruit filling. Make the crepes according to this Basic Crepe recipe. Slice strawberries, add blueberries, raspberries or any other fruit.

While there are more ideas that can be used for a Thanksgiving breakfast, these three ideas should help get the ball rolling

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3 Texas Hill Country Real Estate Guides

Finding real estate in the Texas Hill Country can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to look. Towns like Boerne, Canyon Lake, Bulverde and New Braunfels are rich with rolling hills, lush landscape and Texas wildlife. Spring Branch, Comfort, Schertz and Fredericksburg are also part of the Texas Hill Country, a place Texans consider a way of life rather than just a geographic location.

Many have abandoned life in the big city and opted for a more peaceful place to call home. With unmatched Southern hospitality, a culture all its own and a history as old Texas itself, the Texas Hill Country is an amazing place to live. It is the perfect place to purchase land to develop a ranch, settle into a quaint residential home or build a getaway dream house.

A lot of real estate in the Texas Hill Country can be pricey, so when looking to build (or buy) on a budget, I have recommended several real estate guides. Some of these guides are geared toward luxury living, but they all have something for the “average Joe.” You could be living in the Texas Hill Country before summer arrives. Wouldn’t you enjoy a quieter, more laid-back place to live?

Start searching for your spot in the Texas Hill Country using these 3 local real estate guides:

Texas Hills Magazine

I have to admit, I am partial to this publication because it is owned by a personal friend of mine, Kelley Glick, owner of Blue Sky Publications in Boerne, Texas. This premier real estate magazine is distributed in the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio and Houston-Galleria area. It is printed bi-monthly and more than 20,000 copies are put into distribution. A digital copy is conveniently featured online, the website is top-quality and easy to navigate. This real estate guide features a more upscale selection of homes for “Luxury Living in the Texas Hill Country.” The site also advertises some of the most successful and reasonably-priced real estate brokers in the area, making the process of finding your new home that much easier.

Boerne Area Real Estate Guide

The Boerne Area Real Estate Guide is another directory printed by Blue Sky Publications. Although the guide is not available online, many of the properties featured in publication can be viewed at The Boerne Area Real Estate Guide is a monthly publication, circulating 30,000 copies in Boerne and surrounding areas. It is a valuable real estate resource and Boerne’s first choice for printed real estate guides.

New Braunfels Real Estate Guide

I told you I was partial. This is another real estate guide from Blue Sky Publications, concentrating on the New Braunfels/Canyon Lake area, but also showing homes in Schertz, Bulverde and Spring Branch, This guide does not have its own website, but many of the homes in the printed real estate guide are shown online at This is a monthly publication, circulating 30,000 copies.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head for the hills!

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3 Suspended at Walt Disney World After Monorail Crash

In the wake of the Monorail crash at Walt Disney World on July 5th 2009 that killed the driver of one of the Monorails, Walt Disney World has suspended three employees with pay.

WaltDisney World representative Zoraya Suarez confirmed on July 9th, that the action against the employees was due to the monorail investigation and that it was still to be determined if it was due to disciplinary actions. The members that have been suspended after the crash are the monorail shop cast member, the monorail transportation manager that was on duty and a monorail pilot.

It had been reported, in the days that followed the crash that the Walt Disney World monorail manager was away at a Lake Buena Vista restaurant, relaying instructions through his two-way radio when the incident happened.

The National Transportation Safety Board has said that the victim, Wuennenberg, 21, had stopped his train and tried to back up to avoid the other train backing into him, after a switch failed to change position and all the two trains to pass one another. The NTSB, reports also that after their investigation at Walt Disney World, there have been no anomalies or malfunctions found with the train system.

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3 Supplements to Take After Working Out

Every man’s goal when they are lifting weights is to get bigger and to get more muscle mass on their body. You may not realize it, but supplements can play a huge role in reaching your true potential in gaining the muscle that you know you deserve. Supplements are just bridges to the nutrition that you are not getting from eating whole foods. But do you know what supplements work the best right after a workout. In this article I want to explain the three main supplements that should be used directly after you workout. Lets begin.

Whey Protein

If you could only buy one supplement at all, this would be the very first one I would tell you to buy. Protein is the essential building blocks to building lean muscle mass. Whey protein is great because it can be digested really fast. So what it does is goes and repairs the muscles that you have quickly broken down. You should take 25-50grams of protein powder right after you workout. If you can’t get to it as soon as your workout is complete, you can take it within 30 minutes. The reason why taking this supplement after your workout is important is because your body uses up the protein from you work out, so soon as you are finished with your training, the body is looking for more and more protein so that it can get to work repairing those damaged muscles.


Most men that are trying to put on weight are known as what the bodybuilding world call hard gainers. A hard gainer does not put on weight very easily, so have to eat more than the average person does. This leads me up to the second supplement that you will need to implement if you want gain weight. The supplement that I am talking about are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is the force that gives your body the energy to do the workouts that you have been doing. When the “Low Carb Craze” happened, a lot of people jumped on the band wagon and they were calling carbs a bad thing. Not for the hard gainer. For us carbs can be our best friend . There are 2 kinds of carbs. There fast digesting or simple carbs. This would consist of soda, chips, honey, sugar, and juice. These are the somewhat bad carbs that most people tend to love. The other type of Carbs are complex carbs or slow digesting carbs. These consist of rice, potatoes, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and many others. If you really want to gain weight, you want consume simple carbs right after you work out. Simple carbs are mainly sugar. Sugar helps spike up insulin levels. Insulin helps rebuild your muscles faster. You should only take simple carbs directly after you workout. This should not be consumed during the day.


This is a great one for all of you coffee drinkers. The third supplement that you should be taking right after you workout is caffeine. Caffeine is a great way to build muscle fast right after your workout. It does two things for you. The first thing that caffeine does Is burn fat. So while you are building muscle, it gets rid of the fat that is being stored in your body. Another thing that caffeine does is that it also helps repair muscle faster. You should at least take the caffeine supplements after you workout or you just drink coffee straight black. Your tongue might hate you, but your muscles will thank you for it.

Supplements play a big role in helping hard gainers achieve the success that they want. Taking these three supplements right after you workout will help you reach your goals a whole lot faster.

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